Airbus will test a prototype of a flying car at the end of the year

CEO of aerospace group Airbus Group, Tom Enders (Tom Enders) said at a technology conference DLD Conference in Munich, plans to test a prototype self-driving flying vehicle for one person at the end of this year. Using the flying cars used as taxis, it is expected to decongest the city roads to traffic and congestion.

Last year, Airbus has formed a division of Urban Air Mobility, which is developing a variety of concepts, such as the creation of a prototype vehicle in the form of a helicopter for transportation. It can be ordered using the application for smartphone in the same way as when car sharing.

"A hundred years ago, urban transport has gone underground, now we have the technological means to rise above the ground," said Enders, adding that the Airbus specialists are still at the experimentation stage. According to him, new technologies should be clean to avoid further pollution of the crowded cities. The use of "flying" cars will reduce the cost of urban infrastructure development, as there will be no need to build new roads and bridges. published




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