That's why I don't flush the toilet in the bathroom! And all the advice...

To prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, and also to save on the amount of water to drain, business people are advised to flush the water in the toilet as little as possible. To do this, they give some useful advice: don't throw in the toilet, food waste, personal hygiene items, and don't flush urine.

How to save воду

Not very clean people offer their solution to the problem: do not rinse with water, writing for the toilet. They claim that urine is a sterile substance that will not harm a person if you spend a few hours in a drain pipe. It's true: in a healthy person urine is sterile! But what about the nasty smell in the bathroom?

Our editorial team offers an alternative solution to the problem! Men who are friends with the fixtures, can make a special sewage from the sink directly into the toilet cistern. This method is ideal for owners of bathrooms with toilets.

Also in order to save water it is recommended to use the small button to the drain on the toilet tank (if you have two buttons). If your cistern is equipped with only one button, try to push it weaker.

To maintain cleanliness in the bathroom, take advantage of our useful recommendations.

Hygiene toilet
  1. Prevent the spread of germs!
    Few people think about what happens after the usual draining the water in the toilet. And the following happens: the bacteria that swarm our feces (E. coli, staph and many others) scattered around for a distance up to 3 meters! If you are the owner of combined bathroom, then you will be useful to know that these bacteria are the inhabitants of such personal hygiene items, like toothbrush, razor and a towel.

    To protect yourself from exposure to harmful bacteria, always close your toilet lid when you flush the water! You should also have cases for toothbrush and razors.

  2. Get rid of the rust!
    Use vinegar and iodine. Warm up 200 grams of vinegar to a temperature of 40-50 degrees, then add 1 teaspoon of iodine solution. Apply the mixture on pollution, and pour the remains down the toilet. Leave the vehicle to operate for 1 night.

Wish your house was clean, order and comfort! Find out in our article how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

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