Boris Litvak: there is No single formula for success. Everyone is their own

Each of us needs support. And even one who considers himself a strong personality, which is used to cope with everything alone, sooner or later confronted with situations where it becomes necessary answers to some questions everyday.

That is why is now so popular various kinds of trainings and seminars. Where we think we get the answers to anything, anyway, finally understand how now we should live.

But unfortunately, many coaches show people only the tip of the iceberg, thus creating the illusion of illumination. But what about the depth, the fulcrum is where it all starts? How not to become an "information junkie", but really to understand?

This is what Elena mitiaeva specifically for and talk with the businessman, the business trainer, the Director of the international training center for CROSS-club Boris Mikhailovich Litvak.

Boris, tell us about the club the CROSS, how it differs from other training centers?

The training market can be divided into several planes. Recently, a very popular group of so called motivational training, where you are talking about ready for all the formulas that you can more important to believe in yourself.

The effect of such "pumping" in my experience lasts one to two weeks. And then the man again the desired "doping". How different are we? We work with the cause. We do not offer ready-made solution that how to marry a millionaire or become them.

We talk about what needs to change, how to understand. This work is at the level of the Foundation. That is, if you have a headache, you can take a pill for a couple of hours the pain really goes, but if you don't figure out what she ached, all over again. We just deal with the fact that we find out what this "headache" appears, in order to avoid again having to take painkillers.

Exploring the deep, we see a stable result.


This depth lies in the self-assessment?

Self-esteem is a kind of collective terms. Relatively speaking, the understanding of their psychological mechanisms. You look at the components of their strengths and weaknesses. Most of the mechanisms that hinder your movement, unconsciously. Often people don't understand why they behave in one way or another.

Most of the people who come to training will never say that they have some problems with self-esteem. Usually the first thing they say, "I don't know what I want." You can get a huge number of trainings: how to set goals, how to find your dream, but until I sort myself out, all to no avail. Even any small child is desires.

So why, as adults, they disappear? So it is necessary to understand. After all, if you can't trust yourself, then you start looking for the place to stand vchem something else. And stabilization of the assessment is not a goal aneki tool, the Foundation on which you can build a relationship, a career. But if you have a rotten Foundation, every time it will crack and fail at any attempts to do so.


Boris, who often comes to Your training?

Many perceive the trainings as a kind of get-together, where all good, you know. Formed the "substitute close". Man cannot obtain it in real life and therefore begins to go to different seminars, join clubs, thus feeling their own importance. But training should not replace life.

We help to solve specific problems related to the personal life, career, business development. Come to us, usually people over the age of 25-27 years. In my opinion, people in this period begin to think that something in their life went wrong. May be looking at their classmates, classmates who already in contrast, got families, build a career. There are those who are over thirty, they have also, as a rule, problems in personal life, in relationships with other people. They don't feel they are in control of their lives and want to understand why.


"People stumble on the bumps, not mountains," Confucius said. Give me an example of these "bumps". What prevents a person to achieve the desired?

One of the most common "bumps" for many it is someone else's opinion. But this is not an obstacle. I here gave an example of another well-known phrase "Making mountains out of molehills". All surmountable, but the man focuses his attention on some detail and inflates it.

What is success in Your opinion and how to achieve it?

I always say: there is no single formula for success. There are some shared components, ingredients, of which each for himself builds its own formula of success. In the CROSS club we can give these ingredients. First of all, starting with the analysis of self-assessment. Components of success is resilience, the ability to manage themselves, their reactions, emotions, motivation, and more.Dr.

Success is when you get what you want and you're satisfied. A businessman one success, the other doctor, the writer third. To each his own.published


Boris Litvak, especially for

Text: Elena Mitiaeva




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