Let your daughter be the tenth Sofia in the class!

As in our time called the children and how to live with it? The website shares an article-thinking about the trendy names. 19bff0ce16.jpg

In the life of every man there comes a time when it seems that everything went crazy. I have this moment comes every time I hear that someone I knew had a baby.

Of course, it is not in the child, and the name that creative parents are conspiring against his child. Yes, in most cases it is so — it seems that as soon as he was born, the mother and father immediately want to put it in a corner, but due to the fact that he can't stand, they just give it a disgusting name. Out of a desire to mock.

It is no secret that the fashion for cyclical names. For example, in my class there were five County and four Seryozha, but now, in my opinion, the disaster has reached a truly impressive scale. And this despite the fact that people can always go to Google, score: "the most popular names this year" and delete them all. But no, why? Let our daughter will be the tenth Sofia in the class! It's funny, they will call each other by name, because the names are the same.

Mari freaks so much that it seems a new generation of parents is justified, as it for 70 Soviet years of the unpopularity of this name. Well, if you are not Mary, and not Sophia, the conclusion is obvious: your daughter's name is Eva. Bingo!

Boys popular names of the evangelists. I don't know why, but the abundance of Markov is amazing. There is a version that is the most popular gospel, because it is the most simple and many only read it. Maybe the popularity of this name is somehow connected with the re-evangelization of our country, I don't know.

Fellows also present Brand — Matvei with Bows in numerous inhabit sandbox, and Ivanov and it has always been enough. Well, Nikita finally retreated into the background, yielding the palm to Arseniy and Bogdana.

But it is, in fact, does not matter. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be like everyone else. A lot worse when parents want to give the child a special name. Well, special, you know. Why it doesn't account for the fact that our culture patronymic and discordant, often, own names — a big mystery.

But I think people just overestimate themselves. When they call daughter Francesca or Jessica, maybe they think she will soon be married to an Englishman and going to live in Sussex, and there will be Jessica Palmer is a lot better than L. Valentine Palmer or Palmer. Yes, of course. But while she Jessica A. Skubko, and a minimum of 20 years, she will have to live with it, you think about this?

Or the other extreme, is also very popular: the old names. There is Slavic or Greek, but such, that breezed by books and amulets. For example, Arkhip. What the child should do to get such a name? This innocent little ball if you let it, right?

He was born with a stick? He was born with a beard, looked at you bleary eye and said, "In our times was not like this!" And you immediately: "Oh, well it's Arkhip, of course!" Or Svetozar. You do realize that everyone will call him the Light? Or Svetozara, if not laziness. Many justify this naming by the presence in the foggy history of a certain ancestor with the same name.

Look, the farther into the past, the more ancestors they grow there in the darkness, exponentially. You couldn't choose anything less than idiotic? My great-grandmother's name was Domna, for example. Domna Ivanova, and I don't know what stage of meningitis I should call the blast furnace that is my daughter.

But it's the little things. The worst thing is double names. Tell me what you think at all when doing this? You think this is some kind of Western charm? Maria Stefania S. Kosenko. And well even if just Kosenko! And in fact, in these families like to give a double name: Maria Stefania S. Kosenko-Pavlyuk.

How much beauty in one person! While it is clear that to call her would be just Mary, to whom do you show off? Before passport? Or you think about that name themselves through family castle, a gaggle of helpful waiters and a closed private school? No, you still live in the Khrushchev in Selidovo with parents. With normal parents and Carina Kristina Alekseyevna Zhukova Stetsenko.

Stetsenko is an amazing name, definitely have to save it for posterity. Or here's another — I had a friend who named her daughter Anna-Nicole, I swear! Don't know what he expected, but obviously not on her husband with the surname Smith.

The only thing that endlessly surprises me, is that despite the popularity of healthy lifestyles, Tantra, Buddhism, well, that's it, nobody calls children Brahmacharya or Parvati. While there, I had one friend who named her daughter Maria of the Ganges, and she, by the way, there were problems with social workers. But why just her — that is the question.

I kind of understand why this is happening. Names are generally all wrong — they are so few and so many people, and all of our names-names from the sound so pathetic and monotonous, like you're reading aloud the multiplication table.

It is difficult to give your unique child a common name that is 40 million people only in this historic moment. But another middle name, that hideous Terry vestige of Patriarchy, and it is unclear how to get rid of it. Why is the patronymic, in the end, not motherhood?

It's so unfair, given the gender imbalance in our families, because often the only thing that leaves the child the father is love, education, money, instructions, all this here, the only thing that reminds him is the middle name. And in this case quite rightly would be if the child was not Primakov, for example, and Svetlanov. Baby Svetlanov — it's easier to accept than with Francesca Stepanovna, or is it just me?

In any case, I have no recipe for how to overcome this stereotyped names and not to make your child look like a moron with tunnel and tattooed face.

Rather, there is but you won't like it, like all such suggestions: it is good only in theory, and neither I, nor you never will use. I mean, we've all read novels about Indians, and all of us were impressed with their ability to naming.

And in General, terribly sorry that we never learned from them that art, and still, for many centuries called their children is monotonous and boring names that do not reflect anything.

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