The canadian has built a unique house-trailer with solar heating

Due to solar heating of air, heating of a modern house on wheels costs only $ 100 for the whole winter.

For anybody not a secret that for those who like to travel with the trailer the special problem is the best in the Nordic countries or those where winter is very cold.
As a minimum, the house should be well insulated, equipped with ventilation and heating. Heating can be done using conventional electric heaters, wood stoves, propane heaters or solar air heaters. The latter is the owner of a cozy tiny house on wheels from Quebec, Canada.

In this province the heating and hot water can amount to more than 70% energy cost. And the usual communal in the winter may cost several hundred dollars per month. The owner of this wonderful mobile housing named Gabriel Parent-LeBlanc, who personally built it uses a solar air heater installed around the perimeter of one of the walls, which allows him to pay for heating during the whole winter only $ 100.

— I decided to live in a small house, to prove my point that this is possible in the Northern climate of québec. I have lived in it all winter 2014-2015. It was one of the coldest winters in the last 100 years or so. It was really cold. And it cost me only $ 100 (heating – ed.). The temperature was from 17 to 25 degrees Celsius all the time. In fact it is due to solar heating, which gave a lot of free electricity, at night I used a small electric heater. Can be compared with the bill for heating in the amount of $ 430, which the cold in the winter for a month was a family in the suburbs of Montreal, — said Gabriel Parent-LeBlanc.

Contrary to popular belief, in winter the sun gives enough energy that allows you to generate large amount of heat. Solar heaters are designed the same as solar collectors, but in the pipes is antifreeze. They can produce up to 2000 watts of power for heating. Installation of solar air heaters, typically done on the South side of the façade. This allows better heat a certain space, in this case, such a heating system can be combined with the existing ventilation system, a blower or heat exchanger.

The house has everything you need – a single long table, Seating area in one end, which transformirovalsya in the guest bed or table, fridge, sink, toilet, shower, loft with double bed and storage. Most equipment and lighting operates from a 750-watt solar panels located on the roof. published



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