You can handle

In your life was a situation that you thought you can't handle. And yet you managed.

In your life there were problems, which, as you thought, you decide. And yetthey decided.

In your life were the losses that you thought you will not survive. And yet you survived.

You are here today, stronger, smarter, with extensive experience and knowledge in the result only. Although the road was hard, you have successfully completed it.

Of course, difficulties await you ahead, and maybe now you are going through a difficult stage of life. Therefore it is necessary from time to time look back and remember — even when you thought you couldn't, you did.

And, perhaps remembering this, you will realize that there is no reason to doubt yourself. After all, whatever challenges are not throwing you life, you deal with them.

And now the most important is you cope.published

©Ralph Marston

Illustration: Tomasz Alen Kopera


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