Kinesiology correction for 5 minutes: 3 simple exercises to relieve stress

The well-known phrase: all diseases from nerves a long time ago, no surprise, we are used to the stress, almost akin to him, and it never occurred to us that life stress is constant walking the razor's edge, the beginning of most diseases, which could be avoided if each of us could for a moment stop and think how you can help yourself to cope with problems right now. But there is a way, and it's very simple.

Kinesiology is a method that identifies and addresses the psycho-emotional cause of almost any psychosomatic illnesses. Quickly rids the body of stress, can be as method of treatment and prevention. And the appearance of stress or the stressful situation itself and the person can quickly remove it at an early stage with the help of simple exercises.

Stress in a person's life and his projection is not only the soul but also the body

Stress resulting one day remains in our memory, if the situation takes place constantly and is repeated, the experience of the soul enters the body and begins to cause damage in the body – the disease.

Well, for example, a child screaming at us, at first parents, then teachers at school, then head to work. And not just cry, but also tell us what we are bad, stupid and harmful. It first begins to accumulate in our memory, we are internally compressed.

Noticed, Yes, the head goes to shoulders, we become shorter, and trying, as if to hide. We are tense: all the stress came into our muscles of our mind. Once it exceeds the permissible limits in the muscles – it starts to provoke a particular disease, depending on which muscle is located.

It's pretty primitive, navrachana explanation, but it is the most easy to understand for us, ordinary people. A specific example. The girl is constantly exposed to criticism and insults from other people, it is small, and stress, as she seems to pass when she grows up. What you need to do to grow faster? – That's right, there are many! And she starts to stress-eating! Hence in adulthood, accumulated weight, and a lot of related diseases: hypertension, diabetes, hormonal imbalance. And we get the stress at the beginning – no diseases that would not have happened. And weight were normal. Of course, when the situation has gone far away, we can't handle, you need to consult your doctor therapist – kinesiologist.

BUT! If you feel that stress just creeps up on you, there are enough simple exercises to instantly relieve yourself from these troubles by YOURSELF!

Now let's look at the classification of fears and their projection on the human body. This is very important.

Fears, their projection on the body and classification: three main types (fears associated with emotional pain, fear of pain, fear themselves of fears).

There are three basic types of fear:

First – the fears associated with mental pain. Well, who among us has not faced a situation when we think that we are healthy, and my heart aches and hurts, whines and whines. We were wronged, insulted, betrayed a loved one.

Here follows a list of fears emotional pain: to parents, friends, staff, loss of credibility (feeling grief and guilt, unjustified expectations). Fears the unpredictability of life, loneliness, relationships with the opposite sex, distrust of others, etc. They are exhausting, sometimes a person just lives "on the thumb", not quite understanding what he's doing at the moment. Fear binds so that he becomes a "biorobot" is not able to adequately assess their life situation.

Second - fear of pain. Well, it is primarily the fear of different diseases that can haunt us, potential operations, with all the ensuing consequences, and of Contracting dangerous infections, from which, for example, is written on the Internet, died on 2 people in Central Africa, but our host is also almost found!

Third – fear of themselves, fear. Scared to take the Elevator or fly by plane, sail boat, even more afraid to meet with aliens or the dead, etc. These fears people have, but most of them don't want to talk about it with anyone. Im very ashamed to admit these fears, even to themselves. But to live they way! People, for example, sitting on a plane, drunk or just covered with cold sweat, and fear binds him hand and foot. This, by the way, happens with those who experience the second category of fears when visiting the dentist, for example.

Don't worry, you can help yourself deal with this quickly and effectively by making a few simple exercises.


It's called Kineziologicheskuyu self-correction at home in 5 minutes.

As soon as you feel that you are fear, panic or you are scared, you should immediately:

The first exercise

Make 12 deep breaths in through the nose and exhalations through the mouth. If possible, better to do it sitting, may at first a little dizzy.

Then make yourself a position FOP (front – optimalna correction), but for simplicity let's call it fronto - occipital. You need to clasp his head in his hands for himself so that one hand lay on your forehead and the other on the back. Keep hands until, until you take a deep breath, and as long as the body is not straight and the head does not deviate a little bit ago.

Another sign that the correction is successful, a uniform synchronous runout at two points on the forehead and two at the back.

Everybody says that once you held YOUR HEAD IN YOUR HANDS, you calm down, the fear completely goes away, and you begin to adequately assess the problem.


Next position, you can perform at home to prevent, if you know what you have to solve difficult and "scary" for you, or you already ran into her. It's calledPOSTURE COOK.

It was invented by Dr. cook, and the effect of its execution is long, with a 5 minute time execution of the poses he acts more than a day. So:

1. Sit on a chair and place right hand over left.

2. Put the right ankle on the knee.

3. Your hands themselves will take the right natural position on the right foot. The left hand, which was under the right, the brush rests on the instep of the right foot.

4. Right hand choice from the side of the foot, covering it with the fingers of his right hand clasped the fingers of the right foot.

5. Keep, as in the first position, to the pulsations in his hands.

6. Adjust the arm and leg and repeat the exercise in the mirror version.

7. At the end connect the fingers with the house and hold until the pulsation in the fingers of both hands. When performing exercises breathe deeply through the nose and exhale through your mouth.


The third exercise is the pose of Marching soldiers.

1. Stand up straight and find a point at eye level, breathe as in the previous exercises.

2. Determine for yourself how many times will you perform this exercise and start to breathe and count to myself.

3. Alternately lift the knees, touching them with the opposite elbow as the soldiers when marching, only more intensively. The left elbow touches the right knee, right – left, torso tilted diagonally.


Talking about chronic headaches in a certain part of the head

What does sweating during sleep


These three simple exercises will help you relieve stress and tension. Well, if the problem you started yourself are aware that, as with any other illness, you should not self-medicate, it is better to consult a doctor.

And remember, we are their usual expectations generated by happy or unhappy events that happen to us. Every person can become healthy, peaceful and successful, and to once and for all make your choice to BE HAPPY! Happiness is inside us! published


Author: Natalia Saroha




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