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Which requires the woman? Continuous care. "Site" appreciate the time each of our subscribers will, therefore, today we offer to your attention supertrace for cleaning. Without exaggeration, now you get to spend 2 times less time to bring your bathroom into the perfect look!

Learn how to clean the crane from flying it in an unusual way, we immediately ran to experiment!

How to clean vannoimen plaque on some surfaces in the bathroom, for example, chrome mixer? The reason is simple — the presence of minerals and lime in water. Insidious plaque is formed constantly! If you clean the tub and faucet chemicals over and over again, you can damage the surface severely and permanently.

Much better folk remedies, which the dirt will be removed and plumbing will save! Also, do not have to breathe different chemicals during cleaning, and that is important too. Why are people so often suffer from asthma? Because of the abundance of chemicals around that we are constantly breathing!

How to clean crantee need
  • condom, balloon or plastic bag
  • 9% solution of vinegar

  1. Fill the balloon or condom with vinegar, diluted half with water. For this purpose, you can use a plastic bag, it'll be not so reliable.
  2. Wear a condom with vinegar to the faucet. In the case of a balloon or the package will also need a thin rubber band for fixing, plus a condom that it will hold the mixer by yourself.

  3. Leave the crane in such inappropriate way for a few hours. Then release him, wipe it dry and admire the dazzling radiance! No RAID.

How to deal with limescale
  1. Very easy to remove limescale with threaded connections soul. Put briefly shower hose in a container of boiling water. The technique is the same for chrome and plastic tubing! After staying in very hot water plaque will be easily removed.

  2. To clean even the most inaccessible slits on the mixer, use baking soda and an old toothbrush. Apply a paste of soda and water on the problem areas, lightly scrub with a brush and you're done!

  3. Yellow tinge on the toilet looks disgusting, and this problem will cope well vinegar. Pour a bowl of vinegar overnight and in the morning he'll meet you surprisingly clean. Don't even have anything to RUB!

  4. If there are lime deposits on the walls of the bath or the sink, put on the problem areas in a cloth soaked in vinegar for about 30 minutes. And not a trace of plaque.

  5. Limescale on the walls of a shower — a real punishment, but there is a sure remedy against this scourge. Dissolve in water detergent, add vinegar and this solution to wipe the dirt. Glass shower doors cleared to transparency with a cloth dampened with a little warm vinegar.

  6. The rust that settled on the surface of the bath or the sink can be easily washed away if you are used to clean vinegar.

Now you know how to remove plaque in the bathroom, not really bothered with the cleaning. I hope that these tips helped you and your friends! Take care of them, showing our selection of delightful tricks.

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