Man is like a pie in the oven...

When youth hear the "n years life only begins", they usually perceive it as a calming mantra:" Say, don't worry, junk time still left"

And often, of course, the mantra is.

But life really begins at once. Only with age and experience you dare not to chat with people who are not interesting to you, not to watch movies that you don't like to leave boring books, well and generally behave as they see fit, and say what you think is right, not especially worrying about what other people think about you.

In twenty years, I could never have thought to rate men's looks, because we, heterosexual men, don't do that. In the twenty years I had to watch arizona dream and was obliged to love him because everyone loves him (love failed, so I just respected). It was impossible to say that einsturzende neubauten is a bad and boring group — it was easier just to go to the main square with a poster "I have no mind, no heart" on the chest.

The desire of belonging to a group in his youth, so strong, and you understand yourself so bad that you easy to take values close to you and your group for trying to live by them. Cry, are pricked, but try.

And, of course, from the idea that the world is constantly evaluating it is difficult to get rid of. The transition from a geocentric to a heliocentric system of the world happens not at once and sobbing.

But with age, the value of these values and the value of belonging to something goes a little plus built-in bullshit detector starts to work a little better. And begin to afford more and more. And slowly, like Columbus, discover yourself.

As in the case of Columbus, there is a chance to look for Asia, and to open America or Voronezh, there's someone as lucky.

But even in Voronezh in their own way great.

No longer afraid of loneliness and even find it fun. And the lines of Khayyam "better to be alone than with just anyone" no longer seem description little feat. On the contrary — it is clear that this is the path of least resistance.

You start telling people that you like that you like them — because the value of feedback to you heavily discounted, you're not much forward and not afraid to hear it. And the time really goes, and you realize that if not now to tell the people you love, love, this right now will never be, and your every silence is a wasted opportunity.

Stop giving another chance conditional Michael Bay or as conditional von Trier.

Well, even with books I have to work, but I've quit — just still feel guilty.

The last of the collapsed Bastion, which I noticed was pretty funny: I noticed that colleagues on the feet, different socks.

— Colleague, I said. sorry to burst into your intimate area, but you seem to have two different colored socks.
"Yes," said the colleague. — it is true.
"But," I said.

And suddenly realized that matching socks is a story about "put on your hat immediately, it is a shame that people think." and people don't especially think of me. If I do, I quickly forget about me. Different socks and it's just another degree of internal freedom, which I have not.

The funny thing about the cap is that in childhood and adolescence, I was turning a corner and tore it off the head, because it seemed to me that freedom in this.

But, actually, the freedom to wear a hat when you're cold, and when not cold not to wear.

So for a few decades of going in circles I finally came to the point where grandma would be happy and peaceful.

In short, man is like a pie in the oven. And life of pie begins only when it is pulled from the furnace.

And this pie sits in the cap and in different socks. Around him lying nedochitannaya books. The people around no one he too often spoke of love, and others — that he doesn't care about their opinion.And sometimes he was confused.

Pie wanted to be free and happy, but you can choose one or the other.

Well, in the next room there are some people. They're going to be different, think pie. If anything about einsturzende neubauten navret, God bless him.

— You apples? — says the man.
"Yes," the woman said.

What they have a pleasant voice, think pie. Once seen, intelligent people, certainly left a lot of books. I think we can be friends. published


Author: Vladimir Guriev




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