Why environmentally friendly cars are so expensive

The idea of eco-friendly cars have originated long ago. Indeed, conventional cars are very detrimental to the state of the atmosphere on the planet, but no one from the car refuses as it is very convenient and practical. So the idea that this has a negative impact on nature, takes a back plans...

Now a lot of money is spent on creating eco-friendly cars, that is, those that do not emit harmful pollutants into the street.


Indeed, the available designs are impressive, the researchers are on the right track. However, why the cost of these environmentally friendly cars is so high that they almost do not buy? This is a logical explanation.

The fact that the ecologists of all countries immediately made a huge emphasis on the automotive industry. Most likely, eco auto is only part of the plan on spreading the message of preserving our planet clean.

Also, the creators of eco-friendly cars was hoping for a violent reaction on the part of manufacturers of conventional machines. But, again, it was not. The fact that the line of cars from the 80s have evolved very rapidly.

Gradually the cars became faster, became more and more comfortable. Eco-friendly car in it loses, and can not boast of anything except toxic emissions from the exhaust pipes. And the facet of comfort is already coming to a logical end.

Now the car has everything that a man needs: and cigarette lighter, and air conditioning, which is also the heater, so many things. Eco-friendly car simply does not need, there is no need. This leads to such value. Development needs to pay off, but this is not happening, and only enthusiasts buy such cars in the collection, in order to you.


In the development of such machines were used the most expensive materials: platinum, gold, rare solutions and acids. But what it led to? These cars were disposable, they cannot be repaired in any car service, because no one has pistons made of platinum, or, for example, a filter of some strange sponge. If the car breaks down, you have to buy a new one.

Perhaps the developers think it will, but no one wants to pay twice, especially such a high price. It is still unknown whether in the future to continue the development of such vehicles, and whether they will become even more expensive. But the fact is that people don't feel they need, and rather just forget about the existence of such vehicles.

And it's a very good reason, because if at least half of car owners would change their car for environmentally friendly, our atmosphere would begin to revive, and would be cleaner. published


Source: autojournal.su/pochemu-ekologichnye-avtomobili-takie-dorogie/


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