Solar energy has become cheaper than wind

The study included 58 countries, including China, India and Brazil. It turned out that in 2016 in these countries, capital expenditures per 1 MW of capacity in the construction of wind power plants for the first time in history exceeded the cost of establishing a solar farm — a $1.66 million versus $1.65 million

This year the level of prices in the energy of the sun has repeatedly fallen to record low levels. So, the first record was set in January, when the auction in the Indian Rajasthan was offered a price of $64 per MW/hour of solar energy. Then, in August, the energy company SunEdison at auction in Chile suggested price of $29,1 per MW/h, and in September this record was beaten in Abu Dhabi — us $24,2 per MW/h of energy.

Interestingly, leadership in the field of investment in clean energy, and solar energy in particular, continue to hold developing countries: if the countries belonging to the Organization for economic cooperation and development in 2015 spent on the development of this sector $153,7 billion, in emerging markets the figure was $154,1 billion, the Leaders are China, Chile, Brazil, India, South Africa and Uruguay.

According to forecasts by Bloomberg, after in the next few months will be completed construction of all solar power plants beginning in 2016, the total amount of produced energy from the sun is also the first time will exceed the volume of wind energy and 70 GW to 59 GW, respectively.

According to a representative of Bloomberg New Energy Finance Ethan Zindler an important role in this is China, which "is rapidly installing solar panels". At the beginning of December it became known that China has become a leader in the field of solar energy: at present the total capacity of solar plants in this country exceeds 50,3 GW (in Japan the figure is 42,41 GW, and in the USA 40,61 GW). published




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