Eric Berne: the Man programmed to obey, obey, obey...

Eric Berne, the famous American psychologist and psychiatrist, the developer of transactional analysis, teacher, lecturer and author of books on psychology and psychiatry.

An excerpt from an interview with Eric Berne:

"From birth, man does what he is told, what can be said about animals. This is a real difference, and, as often happens, it is the opposite of what people think.

About the sexual person can say: "Oh! he's just an animal!", at the time, as people are inherently more sexual than animals; non-sexual animal, no one would call human.


The violent man is also called the "beast", even though the animals are for the most part are not violent, they just are hungry.

Man called free, but in reality he is the most obsequious and dependent of all animals.

Some animals can be taught to perform tricks, but not tame. Others can be tame and do tricks. But people tamed from the beginning, and he spends all his time performing tricks for their owners: at first, Mom and Dad, then teacher, then everyone who managed to grab him and to teach him feats of war and revolution or the magic world.

"Revolution, ha! What the hell, Alex! I now instead go around the wire in Joushou. Fu, Manh Was! Mao butchered him like a sheep! – Believe, work and obey. I can't believe Manny, so I'm gonna listen to benny. I am free to run to their hearts content to shouted, on the trail to attack or go to prison, the goal to achieve or at trial to be".

Man programmed to obey, obey, obey, obedient to listen or to obey grazhdanskih or military neslukhiv.

"Right! Left! Don't get lost! Aside eyes! Who should I be? Who do I fight? Don't fight, join in, tune in, badstrasse. This is the order! Don't listen to those other pigs. Listen to our pigs. Be independent, damn it! Be original, no, no, not like that. This is an order: be happy with yourself and be spontaneous".

From the first months of life the child is taught not only what to do and what to see, hear, touch, think and feel. And, besides, he also say whether he is a winner or a loser and how to end his life. And these are the instructions to program his mind and his brain as hard as card.

The fact that at a later age a person considers their independence is just the freedom to choose some of the computer cards, the holes are the same for the most part remain where they were broken from the start.

Five to six years the person obediently ends up with formation of script or life plan largely dictated by his parents. The plan set out how he plans to spend his life, it will end up, whether he is a winner, pobeditelem or a loser.

If the script does not intervene any decisive power, the script (scenario) will be brought to an end, happy or bitter.

There are three such forces:

The greatest destroyers of scripts is a large mass events, ruthlessly alrubaie the path of history: war, famine, pestilence, the oppression which crushed everything in its path, as space roller, all except those who can climb into the booth and use them as means to your promotion.

The second force – psychotherapy and other changes that break scripts and turn losers into winners.

In rare cases, wins the third force – the script breaks its own decision or the reconsideration of the person. It happens to people, a script which allows them to make independent decisions.

It is important to note that the script is not "unconscious"; it is easy to detect, skillfully asking questions and he can even do it. The only problem is that most people resist to accept the existence of such a life-plan and prefer to demonstrate independence through games games, which themselves are dictated by scripts".published




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