A simple way to return the tulle and curtains pristine purity

Many of us are often faced with the problem of washing of air curtains and light curtains. How to wash, to not only not damage the delicate material, but also to return him to the original white?

The website shares with you the tips on how to wash delicate fabrics to keep them in excellent condition.

First we need to soak the curtains in warm salt water

First remove the tulle from the window and shake it to remove dust. Then be sure to soak it in lukewarm (30-35 °C)water, adding 0.5 kg of salt.Leave it in this state for 1.5–2 hours and again rinse the lace in lukewarm water.

For the wash itself choose the means, which forms a low foam

Put the tulle into a large VAT of warm water. In order to effectively wash the yellowed curtain, add Apple cider vinegar at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water. It is best to use the gel for washing delicate fabrics. If it is not, suitable powder for automatic washing machines. Ordinary powder gives a lot of foam from which it is difficult to remove during rinsing, and machine washing is not practically form it.

To make the curtains white, add a few drops of blue

After you wash the tulle, change the water and add a few drops of blue. Down in her tulle and wash it again. Almost ready! It remains only to rinse the material in cool water, hang to drain and dry. You can hang the curtains on the ledge — they will dry out and smoothed independently.

In stubborn spots, use regular green paint

The facility, which, according to our grandmothers, works wonders, that's a normal green. Dissolve 10-15 drops of the green stuff in a glass of water, let it stand for 2-3 minutes and pour into the bowl for the last rinse the tulle.

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