How to grow cherries and plums from green cuttings

June – July is the best time for seedlings from green cuttings. Harvest shoots when they are at the base begin to blush and harden (trevisanut). Cut them on the fallopian bushes in the cool weather early in the morning or in the evening and immediately placed in water.

Each escape with a length of 25-30 cm with a razor or a sharpened knife cut into several cuttings with two or three leaves.

To quickly formed roots, cuttings treated with growth regulators e.g., IAA. The drug (100-150 mg) was dissolved in a small amount of ethanol and diluted with water to one liter. This solution put in fourteen to eighteen hours associated into bundles (25-30 pieces) cuttings, plunging back ends in 1-1,5 see

The ground for planting is prepared in advance, dug up the ground with a bayonet spade and make the beds. Pour on them a mixture of peat and sand (1:1) layer of 10-12 cm, leveled with a rake, scatter over a layer of 2-3 cm of coarse river sand, again leveled the beds, and lightly tamp.

In the morning, before planting the soil well moistened, and before planting the cuttings watered with a solution of mineral fertilizers:

  • 4-5 square meters diluted in 10 liters of water one teaspoon (10-12 g) of superphosphate.

Plant the cuttings vertically to a depth of 2.5—3 cm (petiole of lower leaves) at a distance of 5-7 cm between rows and 5 cm within rows.

If you have no growth stimulants, plant the cuttings in the evening.

Landing close film. The frame under the film made from wooden slats or wire arcs.

Desirable to have a greenhouse from West to East: on Sunny days it is easier to make a shade on the South side of burlap.

The optimal soil temperature in the greenhouse +25-30°C.

About a month after planting the cuttings should be protected from direct sunlight.

It is best to water from a hand sprayer or watering two or three times a day.

Depending on weather conditions, condition of the cuttings:

  • legkousvoyaemye cultivars formed adventitious roots at 12 to 18 day,
  • trudnoudaljaemye — 30-40 minutes.

As soon as the first roots on hot days to reduce air temperature and substrate, the film from the bottom a little lift or cut in it a small hole.

A month later, a second feeding complete mineral fertilizer in suspension.

  • In 10 liters of water diluted matchbox (20 g) of urea, 1 tablespoon (30-35 g) of superphosphate and matchbox (20 g) of potassium chloride.

This solution is enough for 4-5 square meters.

Nitrogen fertilizer is better to make apart from phosphorus and potassium. To avoid burns of leaves, after feeding them watered with clean water.

In the early growth of the shoots is carried out a third application, also complete mineral fertilizer:

  • one square meter of greenhouse — 24 g of urea, 30 g of simple superphosphate and 27 g of potassium chloride.

These fertilizers are you can sprinkle and dry, a tablespoon of each on one square meter. After fertilizing the plants should be well watered from a watering can.

Cuttings fallen leaves are collected and burned, as they can be a source of fungal diseases, weeds regular weed.

Of cherry cultivars are easily propagated by green cuttings:

  • Vladimir,
  • Shubinka,
  • Vole,
  • Youth,
  • Turgenevka,
  • The Memory Of Vavilov
  • Flask pink

a little harder:

  • Apuhtina,
  • Griot Moscow,


  • Lyubskaya,
  • Consumer goods black,
  • Zagor,
  • Black-eyed.

The plum green cuttings can be propagated:

  • The Skorospelka red
  • The Hungarian Moscow,
  • Memory Timiryazeva,
  • Tula black.

A very efficient method of reproduction of cherry and plum green cuttings with rings of opaque film.

  • Of the black film is cut into strips of size 3X4 cm, tightly twist the palms in a ring, tie with string, dipped in water and heated on a slow fire to boil.

After such heat treatment the ring is not expanded if he had had to remove the twine.

Ring is applied on shoots, when will appear the third or fourth leaves.

Ten days later, escape cut off.

Removing the ring, you can see etiolirovannye (tender, light green) area of the cortex.

The resulting cuttings are planted in the greenhouse.

They are rooted 20-30% better than conventional method (without the use of growth substances).

Legkousvoyaemye varieties of cherry and plum root with this method, 70-80%, with growth substances slightly worse at 50-60%.

In early August, the cuttings begin to hardened. Film lift to half, and humidity of soil and air in the greenhouse is reduced.

In late August, the film is completely removed, the beds watered only as needed.

At the same time, make phosphorus-potassium fertilizer:

  • 4-5 square meters 50 g of granulated superphosphate and 15 g of potassium chloride dissolved in 10 liters of water.

To rooted cuttings wintered well, the beds in October, sprinkled with peat or dry leaves with a layer of 5— 6 cm.


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But sometimes the cuttings podpravit and die. This can be avoided.

In early October, the plants are dug out, tied into bundles for 2.0—25 pieces, draped the roots of damp moss and placed, not tying in plastic bags or in a drawer. Packaged plants are kept in a box dug into the ground at 35-40 cm, until frost, covering them with moss, dry leaves or sawdust. As soon as steady cold (-5...- 10°C), the plants are covered with snow. The spring is retained almost 100% of the plants. published


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