15 parents who have everything in order with a sense of humor

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world. But if you approach parenting with humor, it turns out that everything is much easier. After all, age is just numbers and presence of own children is not a reason to stop to joke and do funny crazy things.

We in the Website have collected 15 photos of parents who are able to get pleasure from life and masterful Troll their children.

Asked parents to send a selfie. Sent by mail

My dad said that after I go to College, the dog will occupy my room. And later sent this picture

Asked mom to buy a couple of the usual black t-shirts, and she brought this

We sent parents a photo from Disneyland. They sent a response

But they swore to love all his children equally...

When I took the parents to a fancy restaurant

Not far from where I live, was hiding a fugitive. When I asked my parents if they find it, they sent this photo

Mom said she's got no more frames, besides this

Son wanted an iPad for Christmas...

Dad's first driving lesson to his daughter

After watching the movie "Jaws" uncle fashioned a creative baby crib

Dad's just waiting for the guy who will lead his daughter to the prom

When I went to live with his girlfriend, the parents quickly found a replacement for me

My sister and her friends defied their fathers, and that's what happened

Can we consider me a bad dad for this?

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