9 types of lies that we come up with ourselves

Of lies that we believe, grow the truths we live.

Oliver Hassenkamp

No one likes liars. We get offended and angry when we lie, but not notice how we deceive ourselves every day, thus limiting yourself and preventing your own success.

AdMe.ru has collected the 9 most common types of lies himself, so you can find out what is this lie and what the consequences might be.

1. I'm a victim of my past

You are not a victim of his past, and sacrifice the present for the past. Yes, you committed actions define who you are, but you can make a lot of mistakes now, constantly analyzing the events. Your past will haunt you as long as you are willing.

  • Remember: you hold on to the past, sacrificing the present.
2. I'm too old for this

You'll never be too old for anything.

  • Nelson Mandela was 76 when he became President.
  • Leonardo da Vinci at the age of 51 he wrote Mona Lisa.
  • Colonel Sanders 61 opened KFC.
There are countless other examples. Until you doubt yourself and think your time is up, you lose faith in yourself and strength to realize its potential.

  • Remember: you're never too old or too young for your calling.
3. Money don't love me

Do not doom yourself to lose in advance. Money should not be the goal, but to convince yourself that you don't need them is not worth it. You deserve only what you dream about.

  • Start small: allow yourself to dream big.
4. When I have ... I'll be happy

Happiness comes with achieving the goal, your happiness will be fleeting in nature.

  • Focus on your ability to feel happy without ultimatums myself.
5. I can do it later

Most common lie we tell ourselves. The trouble is that we never know how long we have actually. One day you can Wake up, and time that you've been putting off, no more. No one knows what the future holds for him.

  • If constantly waiting for the moment when we're ready for anything, then this point can simply not occur.
6. I'm a failure because my attempts were not successful

Forget about how should look your life, and start to focus and work with what we have. Even if things aren't going as you would like, this does not mean that you have achieved nothing. Don't give up.

  • Success is a process, which consists of small steps — decisions and actions, which will gradually lead you to your destination.
7. No one understands me

So most people in the world. In this you are not alone. Don't think no one understands you, just because people disagree with you.

  • Remember: the differences are all fine and sometimes very useful to hear a different opinion.
8. I am not, I do not succeed

We are all different, each with its own start and its capabilities. We like to compare ourselves with people who are at the top of his game, but completely overlooked that at the start they were not in a better position than we are.

  • Change your thoughts on the phrase, "If he can do it, I can do that".
9. Complexes blocking my abilities and efforts

What do you most hate about themselves and that constantly trying to hide, really makes you unique and attractive. Look at yourself through the eyes of a man who loves you, and you will see who you really are.

  • Your systems it is not you yourself.
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