10 pairs of sports that will help you to not only get in shape, but also to get closer

Joint training is not only a way to patanatomy body and well-being, but also a great way to spend time with each other, add to the relationship, something new and become even closer.

We at Website we offer you a selection of pairs of sports that are simply created in order to practice them with the second half.

1. Tennis or badminton

Good cardio plus the inclusion of most of the muscles of the body. In order not to create too much cause for competition between the two of you, sign up in the tennis section with a familiar pair and fight two on two. And if you do not want to bother with the rules, grid and other things, just buy a racket, a couple of birdies in the summer and play badminton in the backyard.

2. Cycling

Joint Cycling does not require special physical training, this will help to tone the muscles of the legs and back, improve endurance and, of course, will delight from the contemplation of the surrounding landscape and each other. Only do not forget on the road to watch!

3. Dancing

Salsa and bachata for the most passionate couples ballroom dancing — for fine Natur, tango for lovers of grace and sophistication. Dancing gives a variety of ways to tell your partner about your feelings without words and, of course, allow you to develop flexibility and to work out every part of the body.

4. Climbing

Climbing develops flexibility, coordination and trains almost all the muscles of the body. This is a godsend for those who are used to one shot kill a flock of birds. And the next time they go on holiday together, will be able to apply the knowledge gained in the gym into practice: to get together on the top of some cliffs and admire the view.

5. Steam yoga

Steam yoga will help improve flexibility and muscle strength, to bring the mind into balance and, consequently, to harmonize relations with loved ones. But "advanced users" can try more difficult poses, taking up acroyoga. It requires a higher gear, but increases the level of trust and coherence among partners.

6. Running

Take the money on a good pair of sneakers and head out to conquer the world. Well, or at least a treadmill in their favorite Park, the main thing — together. Firstly, because the temptation to sleep will be much less. Secondly, if you sporty enough, may from time to time to dilute running with talk for additional training of the respiratory system.

7. Capoeira

If you configured more aggressively, try to do capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines features of dance, acrobatics and games. To sort things out because of dirty dishes on the fists do not have, because in the modern capoeira is typically used only non-contact fight. Develops good plasticity, strength and reaction.

8. Boxing

Practicing single punches in a pair will help to develop a sense of the opponent and distance, in addition, psychologists believe that Boxing is a great way to blow off steam and any negativity that has accumulated during the day. Just do not overdo it — ham, cut in front of you on the road to the only Parking space, to provide better still on the spot of pear, not a partner.

9. Volleyball

A great option for those who do the sports forgotten more in the last lesson of physical education: volleyball does not require special physical training shapes the body, strengthens ligaments and teaches you to fall. And he develops communication skills that is so important for harmonious relationships.

10. Swimming

A great way to strengthen muscles while removing from them unnecessary stress. Swimming has a beneficial effect on the ligaments, effectively burns calories and creates beautiful posture. And to go to the pool with his half — idea is especially great, because it will give courage to those who are not too confident in the water, moreover, between the heats you can cuddle and fool around.

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