6 precepts of the Buddha about love

Sayings of Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of ancient Indian philosophical teachings of Buddhism, do not lose their relevance today.

The website offers to listen to these simple but wise advice. They will help to make the relationship happier and more harmonious.

1. Love yourself

The first step to true love is awareness of the need to love yourself. This will lay the Foundation for a strong bond with another person and fully open in front of him. When you really love yourself, you can see a reflection of this love within the other. This is because spiritually we are all one.

2. Enjoy what you have

To think that someone or something from the outside is able to give you the love and peace of mind is not reasonable. According to Eastern philosophy, adhering to this idea, you will inevitably face disappointment. The fact that everything is temporary: emotions — good and bad — appear and slip away like the wind. But true happiness comes from the awareness of his existence, that is, stems from the inside. Only the feeling of internal fullness, you will be able to offer something in relationship to another.

3. Give love and care

Not only our partner or family deserve our love, but also the whole world. People think that only their loved ones are simply a waste of time and effort, but imagine if everyone treated all the inhabitants of the Earth as to his family — then the world was a very different place.

4. Choose your words

It's really simple to transfer your status and mood on other people, especially those we love. Therefore, speaking to someone things that can hurt or cause negative, we can cause serious damage not only relationships, but also the ability to create a strong bond with that person.

5. Forget about hate

When someone next time tells you something painful or abusive, remember that you always have the right to choose how to respond. Acting out of love, not out of anger, you give people not only a chance to save the relationship, but also the opportunity to understand that there is a better way to talk about problems.

6. Be thankful

One of the most common problems in relationships is a subconscious desire of the partners to understand if they can get something better. They do not feel gratitude for the fact that they have a favorite person, and often envy the beautiful facade of foreign relations, believing that "the neighbors grass is greener". Such a position can never help to blossom love between you.

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