The study showed that cheese lovers live longer

From the Website great news for everyone who loves cheese: it turns out, it was a treat to prolong life.

According to a study published in the journal Nature Medicine, aged cheese contains a special substance that belongs to the group of polyamines and significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, slows aging and increases life expectancy.

First, scientists conducted an experiment on laboratory mice and found that regular consumption of contained in the cheese of polyamine prolongs the life of rodents.

After that, a survey was conducted among 800 inhabitants of Italy, and found that people who regularly eat cheese, less risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and the risk of developing heart failure have decreased on 40 % in comparison with those who does not include cheese in your diet.

Researchers believe that the polyamine helps the body cells to get rid of the toxins and their own damaged pieces, making a positive impact on health and even promotes rejuvenation.

Of course, do not forget that cheese is a very nutritious product and can not all be shown because of individual intolerance. But this does not mean that those who can't eat cheese, are deprived of the opportunity to look younger and prolong your life.

A substance similar to what is contained in aged cheeses, in other products, such as green peas, corn, soy beans and whole grains. Still, cheese has one indisputable advantage: it tastes better!

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