This point massage will relieve PAIN in the ear

Acupressure massage is for pain in the ears as a result of pressure differences, cold weather, the ingress of water. While massaging the appropriate points helps to relieve inflammation in the ear, in this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

To relieve ear pain necessary to act on the following points:


Point SI 19 (“venue”). Symmetric point, it is located in the recess near the meatus (Fig. 1). Relieves Earache, toothache and headache.

Point TW 21 (“auditory gate”). The symmetric point is above the point SI 21 about 1 cm (Fig. 1). Impact on this point helps with headache, toothache, pain in the ears.

Point GB 2 (“the reunification of the hearing”). Symmetric point is 1 cm below point SI 19 (Fig. 1). Impact on point helps to relieve toothache, headache, pain in the ears.

Point TW 17 (“barrier wind”). Symmetric point is behind the earlobe (Fig. 1). Relieves pain in the ears, jaw, throat, and facial spasms. Used in the treatment of mumps.

Point To 3 (“a mighty stream”). Symmetric point, is located on the foot between the heel tendon and the inner part of the talus (Fig. 2). Relieves toothache (especially during the growth of wisdom teeth), as well as headache and ringing in the ears. It is prohibited to influence on this point from the third month of pregnancy.




Exercises are performed sitting or lying down.

1. Place the fingers of both hands left and right in this way:

  • middle finger put on the point SI19,
  • the ring finger on the point TW 21,
  • index — on the point of 2 GB.

To produce these pressure fingers of both hands simultaneously for 3 minutes. To perform the massage can be as long as the pain in my ears subsides, but not more than 10 minutes.

2. Middle fingers of both hands to impose on a point TW 17 left and right and a little pressure. To produce pressure for 2 minutes.

3. The thumb of the right hand to produce vigorous pressure for 1 minute per point To 3 on the right foot. Then the thumb of the left hand to perform the pressure on the point To the 3 on the left leg.

The entire set of exercises should be performed 3 times a day.published


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