Is it possible to revet a facade with artificial stone in the winter?

Artificial stone is a hardy material that can withstand the most severe frosts and temperature changes. However, the working temperature adhesives during installation has a minimum mark of + 5°C. the colder the air the longer the glue hardens and gains its strength.

The optimum temperature for facade decorative stone: + 5°C to +25°C, i.e. the warm season. However, if the thermometer is at zero or slightly below (down to — 10°C), it is possible to carry out facing in a special way.

Many manufacturers of artificial stone is released its range of adhesives to work in the cold period. For example, the adhesive "Winter" production White Hiils. This composition based on cement specially designed for outdoor use on facades at a temperature of from 0°C to — 10 °C.

If the temperature is 10°C and below, around the building, the premises is established, a temporary enclosure made of reinforced plastic films and boards. Inside include a gun which heats the air and the facade to the ground. They must work constantly, maintaining the temperature of 15-20 °C (minimum + 5 °C) during installation and for several days after completion of the work to set the strength of the adhesive layer.

The grout in freezing temperatures cannot be used because it is designed for +10°C and above. As a rule, the grouting composition begin to apply in April when the air is sufficiently warmed. published




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