11 movies that have to look twice to understand

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There are movies that it's not enough to watch once. Their story is so mongolman that we scrolled the events of this paintings in my head again and again, trying to finally sort through.

Website have chosen some unusual films that completely immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, and after watching leave a lot of questions.

Retreat Backtrack

Psychoanalyst Peter Bauer, tormented by guilt over the tragic death of her daughter. To cope with depression, he is immersed in work, however, and in it he cannot find closure, his patients behave strangely. Bauer starting to think these people were just a figment of his imagination. He later finds information that proves that they all died long ago. Aggravating the situation, intriguing plot and chilling moments are guaranteed.

The Maid Agasshi

At first glance, the plot is quite simple: the con artist nicknamed the Count with the illiterate poor girl's Juice wants to ingratiate himself, and later to fall in love with a rich Japanese woman Hideko, in order to get her fortune. But in the course of the film, this story is so entangled that it becomes quite clear who is deceiving whom. This painting is beautiful and clever erotic drama, once again confirming that the East — a delicate matter.

The Superiority Of Transcendence

Scientist will caster is working on the computer that will surpass the abilities of the best minds of mankind. However, the radical antitechnological group will want to stop and commit a series of terrorist attacks, which the caster is mortally wounded. Close will have to move his consciousness to a supercomputer, not knowing where it will lead. All fans of the movie "the Matrix" and "Lucy" must watch.


This film is called the hermetic version of the "Faces of the future", because the characters are also trapped in a time loop. The action takes place in the laboratory where a generator ARQ — a new energy source that could save mankind. He is chased by the invaders in the masks, and the main characters are trying to hide it at all costs. Despite the already-known, the film look really interesting, and to predict the denouement is almost impossible.

The Loft The Loft

Five married friends decide to adventure together they rent an apartment in order to drive back lovers. Everything goes like clockwork, until they find in the apartment the body of a murdered woman. Of course, they all begin to suspect each other, and the viewer has to guess who it was. The interest is supported by the dirty secrets float to the surface during the original investigation.

Nerve Nerve

The graduate school VI need money for College. Because of this, she decided to take part in a video game "Nerve", where the audience vote for which task must be performed by the participants, and the latter receive for it to run good money. VI met with Ian, and soon the guys start to work together. But quickly the task becomes life-threatening, and the output from the game all the less possible. The picture constantly keeps in suspense and does not let go until the very end.

Cloverfield, 10 10 Cloverfield Lane

Michelle gets in a car accident and waking up, finds himself in the basement of another house. It looks like a kidnapping, but alleged kidnappers assure the girl that saved her, because on the surface there was a terrible accident, and life was now impossible. Michelle does not believe their words, but soon finds them frightening confirmation. This movie is a great, well-filmed Thriller, the final of which is hardly to predict.

Because Self/less

Elderly billionaire Damien Hayes learns that the terminally ill. Suddenly he gets an offer from a company that can move his consciousness into the body of a young man created by genetic engineering. Everything went perfectly — a new life and years of pleasure ahead, but soon, Damien begins to wonder about the origin of his new body. The movie makes you think how far we will go in their desire to push back the date of death.

Gift The Gift

Simon and Robin live measured, preplanned family life. Tranquility is destroyed when the horizon appears Proudly — a former classmate of Simon. It organizes encounters and gives the couple the gifts. Robin soon learns about the terrible secret linking her husband and Proudly. Can she trust him after this? A subtle psychological Thriller in which intrigue is maintained until the final frame.

Horns Horns

IG perrish lives in a small American town, nearly all residents believe that the guy responsible for the death of his girlfriend. One morning at IgA on his forehead horns. Together with them, he gets the paranormal abilities: in the presence of the yoke of the people speak only the truth. Parrish uses this gift to find out who really killed his girlfriend. Damn mystical and intriguing sight, which revealed acting talent of Daniel Radcliffe.

Psychic Solace

John Clancy, a psychic, who once helped the FBI in solving complex cases. His new enemy — an assassin able to foresee the future, and therefore it is already a few steps ahead of John. The film is full of tragedy and leaves much food for thought, and the cast in the person of Hopkins and Farrell immediately attracts attention to the picture.

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