9 best foods for weight loss. Using them, you'll be well-fed and slim.

Every woman's dream: eat and lose weight. We decided to turn this desire into reality and tell you how to eat to lose weight. And the best thing is to remain well-fed.

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  1. Baked potato
    Potatoes perfectly tames hunger, and all because of the carbohydrate content. Unlike fried potatoes, baked not lose the vitamins and useful properties. Eating a baked potato, you'll get a boost of energy and a feeling of fullness for a longer period. To get even more fiber, eat a baked potato with the skin directly. Just make sure you wash it before baking. This dish is perfect for lunch or dinner.

  2. Bean soup
    The soups themselves are very useful as they contain a lot of liquid. They are well fill the stomach, you get a minimum of calories. It is best to eat them for lunch. Soups made from beans, cooked in chicken broth, rich in fiber and healthy carbohydrates, which slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Because of this you'll feel full longer. Of course, do not consume bread and other flour products of soup. If you don't like the soups, make bean salad.

  3. Greek yogurt
    Natural low-fat yogurt is a great way to get rid of excess weight. The use of milk protein reduces appetite and maintains blood sugar level normal. Greek yogurt contains two times more protein and less sugar than usual. To diversify the diet and make yoghurt taste better, add it the berries or grains. Can also use it as a dressing for salads.

  4. Apples
    Let's start with the traditional set of vitamins and minerals that are in apples. These fruits contain vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B6, PP, carotene, folic acid and minerals: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron. Malic acid improves digestion, lemon and tartronovaya acid helps burn carbohydrates, preventing their turning into fat. Boric acid has antibacterial and antifungal effect, lowering the risk of infectious diseases. It is better to eat apples in the morning as a snack. And if you bake, you get a very delicious dessert.

  5. Popcorn
    Calorie popcorn without additives is about 90 calories. Popcorn takes up a lot of space in the stomach, and looks very voluminous, that on a subconscious level has to full.

  6. Figs
    Figs is a joy for the sweet tooth! It has a dense consistency and sweet flesh that is very rich in fiber. To make it even more tasty and filling, before eating, put a teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese in the middle of the fruit. A wonderful idea for Breakfast!

  7. Oatmeal
    Proven the following useful properties of oatmeal:decrease cholesterol, decrease the risk of blood clots, increase muscle tissue, cleansing of toxins. Due to the content of carbohydrates, oatmeal is a good source of energy. Use oatmeal apparent to those eating Breakfast a serving of oatmeal, get rid of sleepiness, depressive thoughts, charged with good mood for the whole day. A small portion of morning oatmeal allows you to not think about food until dinner.

  8. Wheat
    The kernels of wheat contain large amounts of protein and fiber. Protein stimulates the secretion of the hormone ghrelin, which tells our brain that we ate, and fiber activates hormones that suppress appetite. Prepare yourself a delicious dish: add steamed wheat grain apples, nuts or dried fruit. Very good to eat grain for dinner.

  9. Smoothies
    A smoothie is not a drink, according to most of us, and delicious, healthy, nutritious and low-calorie mix. Smoothies can be a full replacement for lunch or dinner, depending on mixed products. With smoothies, you can easily lose a few extra pounds in just a week, you won't experience feelings of hunger and constant irritability.

Eating these foods, you will lose weight without stress to the body. And most importantly — with them it is impossible to overdo it, because they give a feeling of satiety very fast! Weight loss products is perfect as both main dishes and snacks.

Lose weight without feeling hungry! This information will be useful and your friends.

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