10 most anticipated films that are important not to miss this year

There are such films, the appearance of which on the screen with a sinking heart, waiting for the whole world. In order not to miss anything, AdMe.EN a selection of gorgeous films that we have yet to see this year.

Arrival Arrival

The film is based on a science-fiction story about aliens. To find a common language with extraterrestrial beings, the government appealed for help to the scientist-linguist. In the process of scientific employee in the performance of Amy Adams understood the true purpose of the visit of aliens and reinvents some values. Premiere of a fantastic Thriller will take place on November 11.

Fantastic beasts and where they live Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

A spin-off of "Harry Potter" — this, perhaps, says it all. The screenplay on the adventures of newt Scamander, taking place 70 years before Harry Potter reads his book, she wrote, Rowling. The premiere will take place on November 17.

Allies Allied

In the midst of the Second world war, the agent-American, tying an affair with a beautiful Frenchwoman. Their senses are to pass a lot of tests of strength, the main of which will be the test of truth, because soon, the man reported that his current wife and the mother of his child is a spy of the Nazis. To rate this game brad pitt and Marion Cotillard in this melodrama will be on November 23.

Underworld: blood War Underworld: Blood Wars

Charming female warrior-a vampire Selena enters the war with the werewolves, who has a new fearless leader Marcus. This is the fifth film in the series "Another world", and you still have a little time to watch the previous parts. Premiere of the cult horor-Thriller with Kate beckinsale in the lead role will be held on November 24.

Assassin's creed Assassin's Creed

A science-fiction film based on the popular video game series Assassin's Creed. The main character Callum Lynch with the help of special technology is experiencing the adventures of his ancestor who was once a hired killer. Having incredible skills and abilities from his cousin, Callum will battle with knights of the Templar order in our time. The premiere is expected on December 14.

The ghostly beauty of Collateral Beauty

The film with will Smith, keira Knightley and Kate Winslet about a man who suffered severe personal drama, and lost all interest in life. To pull the hero out of depression, his colleagues came up with a plan that works, but a very unexpected way. The movie will premiere on December 15.

Rogue-one. Star wars: Rogue Story One: A Star Wars Story

The film is about the events that preceded the fourth episode of "Star wars." Knowing that the Empire has built a battle station capable of destroying entire planets, the rebel Alliance gathers a special detachment to capture the blueprints of a secret weapon. They do not suspect that to confront them would be Darth Vader. The premiere of this sci-Fi Thriller will be held on December 16.

Passengers Passengers

Spaceship heading to the planet, which will be for passengers new home. All the people on Board are in a state of suspended animation, as the way is 90 years old and in the way they do not fly. But two people (Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt) suddenly Wake up and realize that they are destined for the rest of your life to spend together... See fiction romance will be December 21.

Fences Fences

The story about the baseball player that in the circumstances left the sport and began to sweep the streets of the city. A former athlete (Denzel Washington) tries to provide for his family and is struggling with problems, chief among which is racial discrimination. The film is based on a Broadway play that won the Pulitzer prize. The world premiere is scheduled for December 25.

Gold Gold

The film is based on a true story about the famous financial Scam. The protagonist of Walsh, played by Matthew McConaughey, along with hapless geologist go for the gold. Ahead of these risk-takers will find an incredible journey from the jungles of Indonesia to the halls of high interest rates on wall street. The premiere of the film scheduled for 25 December.

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