Solar panels are the New Source to produce drinking water from air

Developed startup, Zero Mass Water solar panel Source quickly and efficiently gather water from the air, and then purify it, enriched with minerals and delivers it to people in the developing countries. Special material sucks water from the air — this process occurs naturally, just as the sugar begins to komkovatost if left outdoors in high humidity. Solar panels provide the energy through which the liquid extracted from the material. Then the water vapor to clean and remove pollutants. After that, the distilled liquid is passed through the mineral block, where it is enriched with calcium and magnesium.

One solar panel Source is enough to provide drinking water to a family of four, according to Fast Company. Hospitals and private companies can use the power of a few solar panels.

Chapter Zero Mass Water Cody Friesen emphasizes that the company is not going to create a revolutionary from the standpoint of the technology product. Getting water from air is a simple procedure, which is capable of even a normal air conditioner. However, Zero Mass Water does it more efficiently and not depend on the availability of infrastructure — and in most developing countries, in principle, no.

"Everyone has heard about the latest nanofilters or any system of water injection. None of these developments was not a breakthrough technology that would solve the problem of lack of drinking water. Because of diseases caused this problem, every 10 seconds one person dies," said Friesen.

The development is designed not only for remote regions where there is no Central water supply system, but also for residents of areas with poor quality running water, which constantly have to buy bottled water.

The startup has installed the first test installation in Ecuador, Jordan, Mexico and the United States, and in the coming weeks equips the panels of the house in other countries. In 2017 the company plans to develop more large-scale systems for drinking water on the same principle.

Zero Mass Water is not the only company that uses solar energy to purify water. Focal Tehcnologies American startup has developed a device with the focusing lens to the sun's rays, which directionally heats the water and leads to the disintegration of contaminants-including Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria in the agricultural and sewage wastewater.

Company Water-Gen Water Seer uses a different principle. Their installation is collected from the air condensation, which is converted into clean drinking water. The largest filtration unit Water-Gen can produce up to 825 gallons of water per day, and Water Seer turbine produces up to 11 gallons of clean drinking water daily.






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