Even if suddenly stalled battery — there is a solution! In a matter of seconds to fix everything.

You're gonna need this information if you ever start the car with zero battery power. Great news — this time you don't will need outside help!

"Website" shares with you effective life hack: how to start the engine of your car just by using a simple fabric strap or ribbon.

How to start the car, if you got akkumulatoren need
  • the Jack (small, light)
  • tissue strap (or a dense fabric tape)

Step by step instructions
  1. Lift using the Jack one of the wheels (depending on machine drive) and fix the wheel in this position.

  2. Pull the hand brake and including third gear.

  3. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to starting position.

  4. Now carefully wrap the wheel with a cloth strap or tape several times in a clockwise direction and moving the machine forward. Firmly hold the free end of the strap in his hands.

  5. The sharp movement of the hand pull the belt as hard as you can so that the wheel began to turn with good speed.

Thus as the wheel turns the imitation of the effect of "pushing machine", with the result that starting to work the engine and the car starts.

Remember: this trick is only suitable for cars with a manual transmission.

Well, now for you the battery is low auto — no problem! Be sure to share this valuable information with your friends!

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