Electric buses "Bogdan" increased the power reserve to 250 km

The design office of DP "as 1" the company "Bogdan motors" upgraded electric buses "Bogdan А70100" and installed additional battery. The new battery allowed to increase the cruising range of the electric bus 250 km on a single charge.

Additionally, the model of the bus "Bogdan А70100" you can set the module battery recharge from trolleybus line, which will reduce the process of charging up to 15 minutes.

Electric buses "Bogdan А70100" is a low-floor city electric bus, with a length of 11.96 m, with a total capacity of 80 passengers (26 seats). The machine is made in cooperation with Polish companies Ursus and Enika. The bus has Li-ion battery and a synchronous traction motor with permanent magnets.

The electrical part of the bus delivered to the Polish partners, and everything else manufactured at the facilities of Ukrainian enterprises. At the moment, the bus "Bogdan А70100" successfully serving the city routes Polish city of Lublin.

Additionally, the model of the bus "Bogdan А70100" is possible to install a module battery recharge from trolleybus lines, which can reduce recharge to 15 min.

GP "as the No. 1" JSC AK "Bogdan motors" is almost the only Ukrainian manufacturer, which has in its lineup not only designed structures, but also made samples of buses with hybrid diesel-electric drive and electric buses that operated in Europe. The popularity of the Ukrainian equipment is confirmed by the latest novelties of bus at the International IAA 2016 exhibitions (Hannover, Germany) and TRANSEXPO (Kielce, Poland) during September — October this year.


Source: ecotechnica.com.ua/transport/1564-elektrobus-bogdan-uvelichil-zapas-khoda-do-250-km.html


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