10 best books about travel

1. Alex Garland — The Beach


Forget the cute face DiCaprio (in the unfortunate case that you manage in time to watch the film adaptation). Imagine a blend of "Lord of the flies" and "the Apocalypse of our days" Coppola in the clubs of cannabis smoke and framed by haunting dance of ghosts, to the accompaniment of the surf on the sandy beaches of Thailand. No wonder George. G. Ballard immediately smelled in Alex Garland soul mate...

2. Tahir Shah — "Marrocco. A year in Casablanca"

Forty five million four hundred twenty two thousand seven hundred forty six

As you know, the East is a delicate matter. In this to experience respectable Englishman, who, tired of the vagaries of the British weather and the frenzied pace of Western civilization, decided to migrate with his family from the foggy dank of London in the fragrant gardens of North Africa.

But as it turned out, if you want to become a full local resident, is not enough to buy a house in Casablanca and in perfection to learn the Arabic language. In Morocco, the Europeans in order to be respected, you must at least learn to eat pickled lemons and communicate with Jinn, and to acquire a harem.

After reading this fascinating book, based on real events, you will learn many interesting things: how to cleanse home of evil spirits, which needed a well without water and what diseases can be cured boiled snails, and lots of other useful information.

And who knows, maybe you too want to move to Morocco...

3. Anna Parvati — the Indian series


Life is cyclical. When the former marriage was destroyed, and a new relationship is fragile, when a successful career no longer inspires, and another thing still missing you when you're fragile young woman...it's time to shoulder a backpack for a few months to go to India. Erase yourself to find yourself a new one. And honestly write about all these stages in social networks, in the diary, in letters to loved ones — of these "puzzles" is a book.

4. Peter Weil — "Genius of place"

Forty three million ninety one thousand four hundred sixteen

The relationship between man and its habitat — a mysterious, but obvious. Knows it known to the ancient genius loci, genius loci, linking the intellectual, spiritual, emotional phenomena with their material environment. The organic lines of intersection of the artist with his place of life and creativity, a new, hitherto unknown reality that is not in the Department of art in the Department of geography.

In attempting this reality to grasp and there is a strange genre — headstrong hybrid of travel writing, literary essays, memoir: the result of travels around the world accompanied by great guides.

5. Elizabeth Gilbert — "Eat, pray, love"


To thirty years from Elizabeth Gilbert was everything that could wish for modern, educated, ambitious woman — her husband, country home, successful career, but... having gone through divorce, depression, and another love failed, she understands that all her previous notions were erroneous.

In order to find yourself again, Elizabeth decided on a radical step: it sells everything it owns, breaks up with all her loved ones, and sent round the world trip. For a year. In complete solitude...

"Eat, pray, love" is a book about how you can find joy where there is no wait, and how not to look for happiness where it will not. By definition.

6. Jack Kerouac — "on the road"

Six million one hundred thirty six thousand six hundred twenty five

Jack Kerouac — one of the main characters and creators of the youth culture of the XX century. This publication presents a novel "on the road", which brought him worldwide fame and have become classics of American literature. The first editor of this novel I loved to remember what is more strange manuscript he did not bring never.

As big as a lumberjack, Kerouac brought to the editor of the paper roll with a length of 147 meters without a single punctuation mark. It was a story about fate and the pain of a whole generation... And the protagonist of the novel, scoffer, a womanizer and a drunk Dean Moriarty, still riding on his rattling car on a road that will never end.

7. Yoko Tawada — the "Suspicious passengers your night trains"


The present edition is the first separate book publication of the writer in Russia. The main character of the story, Yoko Tawada "Suspicious passengers your night train" — a young Japanese dancer, touring around Europe by train.

Each Chapter of this fine book is a new city in the way of heroine, adventure, dream, dream. That train is impossible to go. A life — long journey in the car on the bottom shelf... the Journey to the city, which is not...

8. Thor Heyerdahl — "Kon-Tiki"

Thirty four million five hundred two thousand two hundred ninety nine

In the mid-twentieth century, the Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl, along with five intrepid friends made the risky journey. On a simple raft of nine logs fastened with ropes from the stems of plants, which they called "Kon-Tiki", with a simple direct sail researchers were 4 300 nautical miles from the coast of South America to the Islands of Polynesia.

The aim of the expedition by Thor Heyerdahl to prove that ancient Peruvians could swim across the Pacific ocean, and that they inhabited Islands in Oceania.

The travelers sailed on a raft twice more than Columbus during his first voyage to the Islands of the West Indies. Journey of Thor Heyerdahl recognized as one of the most exciting and memorable scientific enterprises of the XX century! His book about the journey became a fascinating example of storytelling about adventure sea swimming. It has been translated into 70 languages and sold around the world circulation of more than 50 000 000 copies.

Following the voyage of Thor Heyerdahl created the film "Kon-Tiki", which in 1951 was awarded the Academy award. This exciting adventure devoted to art painting 2012 "Kon-Tiki", which was nominated for an Oscar and was nominated for the award "Golden globe". Watch the movie – read the book!

9. Graham Greene — "travels with Auntie"


"Travels with my aunt" is a whimsical biography of the ladies of easy virtue, and in old age retained his cheerful disposition and a penchant for adventure. For a former Bank Manager Mr. Henry Pulling, on behalf of the narrator, the meeting with aunt Augusta — sister of his foster mother means the end of his former calm, routine, well-intentioned life.

This, by definition of the author, "serious" novel is full of comic situations, irony and the grotesque. Graham Greene offers the reader with a new, unknown side.


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10. Jerome K. Jerome — "Three men on four wheels"

Ninety five million three hundred sixteen thousand one hundred twenty seven

Roman, recognized in England the best in the works of Jerome K. Jerome.

Three true gentleman honestly trying to keep up with progress and to master the latest achievement of modern technology.published 


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