25 quotes by Fyodor Dostoevsky, which provide food for thought

Dostoevsky was a writer who had penetrated into the darkest recesses of the Russian soul. It is called a real "psychologist pen," a researcher of the human heart for what he empathized with all of his heroes. Because of the feelings they were experiencing was familiar to him firsthand.

We have collected 25 wise quotes Fyodor that give food for thought.

1. We must love life more than the meaning of life.

2. No one will make the first step, because everyone thinks it's not mutual.

3. In all there is a line beyond which the switch is dangerous; for, once crossed, to turn back is impossible.

4. Happiness is not in happiness, but only in achieving it.

5. The sufferings of his Russian people as it enjoys.

6. To stop reading the books — means to stop thinking.

7. Freedom is not, so as not to restrain himself and to control himself.

8. There is no happiness in comfort; happiness is purchased by suffering.

9.In a truly loving heart, or the jealousy kills love, or love kills jealousy.

10. Very little is needed to destroy a man is to convince him that the case he's on, nobody wants.

11. My friend, remember that silence is OK, safe and beautiful.

12. The writer, whose works had no success, can easily become bilious critic: so weak and tasteless wine can be an excellent vinegar.

13. He is a smart man, but so clever to do one a little crazy.

14. If you went to the goal and will be the way stop to throw stones at every barking dog you will never reach the goal.

15. I want at least one person to speak up everything like myself.

16. It's amazing what can make one sun ray with the soul of man!

17. Then you need to talk eye to eye... soul read on the face, so the heart is affected in the sounds of words. One word spoken with conviction, with complete sincerity and without hesitation, face to face, much more so than dozens of sheets of paper covered in writing.

18. Life is suffocating without purpose.

19. The soul is healed with children.

20. Who wants to benefit, that even with bound hands can do much good.

21. The world will save beauty.

22. In fact, sometimes expressed about the "brutal" cruelty of man, but it is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts: a beast can never be so cruel as man, so artistically, so artistically cruel.

23. Large do not know that the child even in the most difficult case can give extremely important advice.

24. Do not litter your memory grievances, and there can simply no space for beautiful moments.

25. A man who knows how to hug is a good man. published


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