Healer of the Mogilev region

In the village of Little Pilshichi in Mogilev region lives healer Danilovna Fyodor Konyukhov, which is referenced to the people who help the medicine already powerless. According healer her unusual abilities became apparent in childhood and for many years doctors are trying to understand how it using a single touch of a hand is able to supply the person diagnosed. Today we will visit the visit the Belarusian healer and see what is it a resounding success. Small Pilshichi in Mogilev region at first glance no different from any other Belarusian village: ramshackle huts, lonely old people, rags abyss. But at the end of the road is seen not in Rural fashionable brick building at the gate of which is constantly parked cars, many - with Russian numbers. For 88-year-old healer Fedor Danilovna Konyukhova, and in a simple peasant woman Theodore, come and Minsk residents, and residents of the province of deep and desperate Russians.


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