22 best quotes by the great Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Friedrich Nietzsche admitted that Dostoevsky was the sole author and psychologist, who became partly his teacher.
22 best quotes by the great Fyodor Dostoevsky:

1. We have to live for those who need you... to be Friends only with those in whom sure... to Communicate with those who are pleasant... And to be grateful to those who appreciates you.

2. And no one, no one must know that between husband and wife if they love each other. And whatever came from them quarrel, his own mother, and that will not have the judges call and one about the other to tell. They own judges. Love is the mystery of God and from all others ' eyes must be closed, whatever happened.

3. Do not litter your memory grievances, and there can simply no space for beautiful moments.

4. Man finds time for everything he really wants.

5. It's amazing what can make one sun ray with the soul of man.

6. The soul is healed with children.

7. Never give human pain, when this man wouldn't do for you.

8. Eventually, tired to reach out to people who don't make a move to meet you.

9. Everything in life is temporary. If all goes well — enjoy, it won't last forever. Well, if everything sucks — cheer up, it's not forever.

10. And for once in your life will have a new name, which turns previous to dust.

11. We must love life more than the meaning of life.

12. The thing: If you're cold, you hurt people. If you're sensitive — people hurt you.

13. There are three things to be afraid of most people: to trust, to tell the truth and be yourself.

14. He is a smart man, but so clever to do one a little crazy.

15. Very little is needed to destroy a man is to convince him that the case he's on, nobody wants.

16. No one will make the first step, because everyone thinks it's not mutual.

17. In all there is a line beyond which the switch is dangerous; for, once crossed, to turn back is impossible.

18. Life is suffocating without purpose.

19. Who wants to benefit, that even with bound hands can do much good.

20. If you went to the goal and will be the way stop to throw stones at every barking dog you will never reach the goal.

21. Each of us is committed. Someone. Or someone.

22. Large do not know that the child, even in the most difficult case, can give extremely important advice.

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