30 best quotation by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Wise and inspirational quotes Dostoevsky, who will give you food for thought


Fyodor Dostoevsky real explorer of the human soul, he was nicknamed "The Psychology of the pen" because he empathized with all my heroes. He - a writer who happened to get into the darkest depths of the human soul. His influence on the spiritual development of mankind can not be underestimated, as well as to the literature of the world.

30 great thinker of outstanding quotations that give cause for reflection:

Compassion is the main and perhaps the only law of life of all mankind.
Freedom is not to not restrain himself and to be self-controlled.
In all there is a line for which to move dangerous; For, once crossed, the gate can not be back.
Happiness is not happiness, but only in achieving it.
We must love life more than the meaning of life.
Their suffering Russian people like to enjoy.
Pants Life without purpose.
Stop reading books - so stop thinking.
There is no happiness in the comfort, happiness is bought by suffering.
Beauty will save the world.
No one takes the first step, because everyone thinks that this is not a one.
The writer, whose works were not successful, easily becomes jaundiced critics as weak and tasteless wine can be an excellent vinegar.
He is a smart man, but to act smart - a little crazy.
If you're headed to the goal and become the way stop to throw stones at every dog ​​barking at you, you never you reach the goal.
Truth without love - lies.
Look for love and hoard love in your hearts. Love is so omnipotent that regenerates and ourselves.
In a truly loving heart or jealousy kills love, jealousy or love kills.
Very little is needed to destroy a person: we need only to convince him that the case, which he does, no one needs.
A man who knows how to embrace - a good man.
It is surprising that one can make a ray of sunshine to the soul of man!
Here it is necessary to talk face to face to ... Read on for the soul of the person affected to the heart sounds in words. One word, spoken with conviction, with full sincerity and without hesitation, face to face, it means much more than ten sheets of paper covered with writing.
The soul is healed near children.
Who wants to benefit, that even with bound hands can do much good.
In fact, sometimes expressed about the "brutal" man's inhumanity, but it is terribly unfair and insulting to the beasts: a beast can never be so cruel as a man, so artistically, so artistically cruel.
My friend, remember that good silent, safe and beautiful.
The main thing is do not lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and his own lies before the listener realizes that too is no truth either in himself or circle does not discriminate, and therefore, is a lack of respect to themselves and to others. Not respecting the one ceases to love, and that without love, to take themselves and entertain, betrayed passions and coarse sweets and comes completely to bestiality in his vices, and everything from the continuous lies and people and himself.
The large do not know that the child even in the most difficult task may give an extremely important advice.
Mind - a scoundrel justify anything!
Do not litter your mind with grievances, and there may simply not the place to stay for the beautiful moments.
I want at least one person to talk about everything, both with a.
Loving a man - is to see him as his plan of God.


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