Lonely married women

Outwardly they differ nothing from thousand married women. Color lipstick, wear a black Thong, tired of running on wet pavements. Go to the gym and to yoga, shaved bikini area, RUB the anti-cellulite ass mitten. The terrible truth opens when you trusting person. What's wrong with them?

They are lonely!

Do such things happen in marriage? — you will ask. Unfortunately, in marriage and it happens.

Come home from work lonely married later, work is always busy. Especially after six. Some lonely married women out there forced workaholics.
Find the reasons are numerous: the head of the goat, then the subordinates are idiots. I'm afraid to admit that scares them really. Home echoing emptiness. Tasteless dinner. Duty "how are you" and the husband utknuvshis in the monitor screen. Some men and to "as the case is not ripe," but only to "eat right." This also happens. Married lonely terribly afraid of the weekend.

As it turns out that the once expensive and desirable turns into the foreign and distant? It happens gradually or in one day? Can you avoid that? It does not matter. People change, and that's all you need to know about them. Rivers flow, the films always have an end, the products spoil, and the people under the oppression of life's circumstances change, sometimes irreparable. Change so that we are with them not on the road.
Break your favorite Cup, and sometimes there is no reason to glue them. Fail electric kettles. Burned wiring. Torn autumn coat. Wears out old cosmetics. It happens. When this happens, we just throw stuff in the trash.
No one tells us, you had better choose the makeup, then she wouldn't be corrupted. I had to be careful with the Cup, then she wouldn't be broken... Then why on marriage often say that? Why condemn? Threatened with loneliness?

We understand things have a shelf life and its end. We do not do from this tragedy. About the relationship we do not want to know. Trying to convince themselves that they are eternal. Sitting on the dried-up mummy of a relationship and convince everyone that she is alive.

Imagine the horror of the situation when you rush home, and there are some strange man. Cut your bread with your knife. Stain your toilet. Leaves wet marks, leaving your soul. Changing the channels of your TV set, filling the silence only he needs sounds. And not going anywhere!
Moreover, this man still has the right to demand a report where it was! This man could demand sexual service, has a right to their slavering embrace. This man has the right to limit your life, scare your gentlemen, not to let you stay on a Dating site. This guy prevents you to live and entertain.

Lonely married, if possible, taxied with friends for shopping, in cafes, or furtively in a hurry to her lover. Stealthily, sneak breathe the fresh air of adultery on the crumpled hotel sheets. Constantly looking at the phone screen, because in a hurry home. And they can't explain, why replace the hot embrace on a cold soup, and 1349 episode of the series "Trace". They cannot explain why they do it, but I can. They are afraid of. Afraid to be alone.

They wear lipstick, wear a black Thong, tired run on wet sidewalks and do not see one – they are ALREADY alone. Their worst nightmare has become a reality.

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Source: liwli.ru/relations/samyy-strashnyy-vid-odinochestva/


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