How, especially without straining, pull the car on solid ground!

If the car is hopelessly stuck in the mud, snow, sand or God knows what, the simplest thing you can do is to call a tow truck, which will cope with the problem once or twice. Unfortunately, such an opportunity doesn't always, and often the motorist have to rely only on their strength…

Sixty seven million eight hundred fifty nine thousand six hundred forty nine

There are no hopeless situations: «Site» will tell you how to act alone to get the car on solid ground.

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How to get mochinoperfume that is strictly not recommended — is to panic, second press to lock the gas pedal. Have patience, do it as clearly as possible.

  1. Buildup
    This method gives good results if the wheels are skidding in the small hole, and you have a car with a manual transmission. Gently squeezing the gas pedal, move forward and back, expanding the recess, while squeezing, then releasing the clutch pedal. Borders strengthen the branches or stones and keep doing the "swing" until you make it.
    Twenty seven million one hundred fifty four thousand ten

  2. Grousers
    Before going to difficult places, it is advisable to throw in the trunk a set of snow chains. If there are none, wrap tires with thicker rope, pass it through the holes in the disks.
    Seventy one million one hundred thirty eight thousand one hundred twenty nine

  3. Jack
    Dreary, dirty, but reliable way. Grab the car Jack, and then sketched in the pit under the wheels of branches, stones, anything that comes to hand, and I said go ahead. The Jack must be installed on a stable surface. In extreme conditions, the hardness of the surface is accomplished using a Board or brick. Just in case put it under the threshold of the spare wheel.
    Nineteen million eight hundred thirty seven thousand ninety eight

  4. Ice or snow setup
    With the onset of cold weather, it makes sense to throw in the trunk of a container of sand or fine gravel. If err failed (or was too lazy), there is an alternative method. To leave the rink by collecting or mangled branches and throwing them under the wheels. Move at minimum speed to allow the wheels fell off in a spin.
    Thirty four million two hundred ninety four thousand six hundred fifty four

  5. A rope and a tree
    If there is stuck the machine grows a strong tree, and you have a reliable rope is wonderful! Wrap it around the barrel, and the ends attach the tow loop to the vehicle. Approximately in the center of the rope, insert a pry bar or stick longer and stronger. More will have to step it up: use your stick as a lever, spinning the rope. Length of tow reduced machine budge. The main thing — do not accidentally let go of the rope as twisted and badly stretched, it turns into a powerful spring!
    Eighty six million seven hundred eighty seven thousand nine hundred eighty four

But how to pull out a stuck car from the Sands of the Arabian desert! This is hard work…

«Site» hopes that with all of the above ways you can easily get out of traffic trouble. But better, of course, that such in your way not there!

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