12 home tricks that save ruined clothes! Use each of them...

Each lady is very kind to his wardrobe. Women dream, that favorite things was left in perfect condition as long as possible. But sometimes clothes and pretty shoes get dirty or even torn. Today we will share with our dear readers proven methods that will help to maintain the neat appearance of things.

How to care for clothes
  1. Often products made of natural wool is very scratchy. To soften thing that discomfort, enough to wet it with water, wrap in a plastic bag and placed overnight in a refrigerator. In the morning we have to give wool the product to thaw, followed by a good rinse and dry it.

  2. To remove stains from antiperspirant, it is enough to RUB the dirty place with a cotton sock.

  3. To remove yellow sweat stains on clothing will help ordinary dishwashing detergent! Find out in our article, how to get rid of nasty contaminants.

  4. If you noticed that the button or the button on your clothes are falling off, secure it with a colorless nail Polish.

  5. If you accidentally spilled on clothes red wine — do not despair! Take some salt and mix it with a small amount of water. The resulting slurry was put on the contaminated area and lightly RUB the stain. After this procedure wash the thing with addition of ammonia (1 teaspoon per liter of water).

  6. To bone from a bra does not cause discomfort, use a regular band-aid. For reliability, the strip of patch you can sew.

  7. To remove scuff marks from patent shoes will help the jelly! Apply a small amount with a cotton swab to the scratch and gently RUB the scratched place.

  8. Use the stickers to dress to look brilliant, even in the most beautiful clothes.

  9. Special pumice for garment will help to get rid of the pesky pellet. It's worth to buy such a useful thing!

  10. Gently brush suede by using a nail file.

  11. To neutralize the odor in your shoes, you need to use dry tea bags. Just put them on for some time in wet shoes.

  12. To remove the stain of lipstick will help the hairspray. Just put a little bit of money on a contaminated site, and then wash the thing in the washing machine.

Hopefully these tips will be useful not only you but also your friends. Don't forget to share with them the article!

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