Eyes and ears everywhere! How to understand that after you conducted surveillance.

Most people are not aware of widespread use of surveillance devices, such as glass, coated with a thin layer of metal, called mirrors Gazella, banal or hidden surveillance cameras.

You may not like it, but watching you.

Camera hidden videonablyudeniye technologies allow to place monitoring devices almost everywhere: shopping malls, hotels, bars and restaurants, other places of public and private use. Mini camera for covert surveillance has invaded the world!

And though in our time surveillance, of course, is for the benefit of public safety, none of us wants to be under the close watchful eye day and night. Especially if we are talking about personal space.

If you have suspicions about the presence of a pair of invisible eyes, take advantage of the following simple methods for detection of mass surveillance. So you will be sure that your personal space is not violated.

Looking-glass nablyudeniyakh you noticed that your reflection gave you the nod (just kidding!), try to check the mirror for authenticity. After all, we know that there are one-way mirrors, in science, called mirror Gizella. At its core is a simple glass with one side covered with a thin layer of metal which serves to reflect light (how typical of mirrors), and on the other hand it looks like tinted window, through which you can observe everything that happens in the room.

How to identify looking-glass observation
  1. Look closely the mirror surface. Simple inspection of the mirror in the room is the primary precautionary measure. Watch and learn the mirror mount and its location in General (whether suspended using bolts if adjacent to a wall, installed in the wall itself without any extraneous fastenings). Usually the double mirror is the sequel to the wall and looks like "a glove".

  2. Just tap on the glass. Practuce lightly the surface of the mirror with his knuckles. If the mirror is a standard glass, the sound of the knock will be muted. If we are dealing with double glass, tapping will have a hollow sound echo effect, because on the other side is another room.
  3. Look through the mirror! Yes, this is possible if we are really talking about mirrors Gazella. Make it simple: lean close to the mirror and close the hands against the light (as if holding binoculars in front of eyes). Look at the other side of the glass, you might be able to see the outline or the image of the otherworldly room.
  4. Use lighting. Enlighten surface mirror glass with hand torch or an app on your smartphone. Turn off the lights in your room and position the included light bulb close to the glass. If this is a double mirror, you will see the room behind the glass.
  5. Test! By pressing lightly with your fingertips on the glass, we usually do not see contact with his double, it is always a millimeter space in the reflection between the finger and the surface. In the case of glass Gisella, you will be able to "feel" your reflection, as your finger is fully in contact with your reflection.

How to recognize covert surveillance
  1. Use mobile app! What could be simpler and at the same time effective? Of course, the most common improvised means in the modern world, namely, mobile phone and special app to detect hidden cameras. Look in the App Store or Android market and download without any problems the most convenient application.

  2. Check your portable device and the mobile communication device. Alas, today a fairly common method of observation are the various devices with modern technology. This, of course, includes our smartphones, tablets, TVs and many other types of equipment that has the technology video. With such a built-in "videoevent", a device to detect external camera fails.

  3. Watch for flashing lights. Of course, it's not about the beacons, special transport, and flashing indicators in technical devices (modem and cameras to flowsin Microdevices fire safety). They usually have green or red illumination. If you are in the room watching, you can easily find the flashing light in the corners of the rooms or ceilings or notice embedded devices with indicators in office furniture (under tables, in cabinets).

Informed is armed. Be vigilant, learn the laws and take care of their right to privacy and confidentiality. And be sure to share our tips with your friends!

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