Created the fabric for "smart" clothes that can produce and store solar energy

The batteries in smartphones and other mobile electronic gadgets often sit in the wrong time. Still the most affordable and most common solution is to use a backup portable battery. Scientists from different countries working to create alternatives that could provide a power generating clothes, but previously they were only fabrics which cannot be treated by conventional methods.

Now, a joint team of researchers from China and Singapore have created a fiber capable of converting into electricity and store solar energy that can be woven in the fabric in industrial textile plants. The work of scientists under the name "Embedded in clothes and wearable textile device for collecting and storing solar energy" published in the journal ACS Nano.

For extracting energy from solar radiation the researchers created two different types of fibers. The first contained titanium or polymer of manganese with coating of zinc oxide, dye, electrolyte and intertwined with the polymer wire with a copper coating to create a section of the solar cell of textile material, according In order to keep the received energy, a second fiber type. It was made of titanium, titanium nitride, thin carbon shell to prevent oxidation and electrolyte. The resulting fibers were woven with cotton yarn.

In the end, were formed of a flexible textile that you can reshape and bind the elements of the "smart garment" that gathers energy when exposed to sunlight. According to scientists, this technology is quite promising, and made on the basis of clothing can charge many electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets. published




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