The buses of KAMAZ successfully tested

Electric buses KAMAZ not so long ago began to experience at SKOLKOVO. So, it seems that a new vehicle everyone liked and well-established, and now a small bus 2257 is a single certification and then will be decorated with all the necessary documents and the new product will be sent in SKOLKOVO, where it will roll people on a full-fledged public transport, not a test prototype, surrounded on all sides by restrictions.

"Single certification means that the car will be able to manage a regular driver, not a specialist tester. In addition, the bus can be used for the carriage of passengers". — explained in a press-service of KAMAZ."A month and a half the bus KAMAZ-6282 worked on the route "Slavic Boulevard – SKOLKOVO". Really liked it there. Mostransavto didn't even want to give it, – tells the Deputy chief designer of KAMAZ Andrey Savinkov. – At meeting in the regional Ministry of transport the operation of the bus was considered a positive. Comments, naturally, were, but not conceptually. We quickly modified and re-transferred to the Moscow Filevskiy Park".

In KAMAZ note that the rise in the cost of electric vehicle is influenced primarily by the battery, because the new bus uses high-quality lithium-titanate batteries with a great resource, designed for 15 000 charging cycles. KAMAZ representatives believe that the production of innovative battery need to develop in Russia, then we can talk about mass production.

"Although small-scale batch, the organization of production of components, we plan. Broader application, in my opinion, in 2025 year, – says Andrey Savinkov. But, if tomorrow there will be a highly efficient fuel cell will be found desirable source of energy, it will be a huge breakthrough."In addition to these buses, KAMAZ is working on other electric types of vehicles, it is also planned to create a transport system under a new kind of machinery. The project has already been ordered in SKOLKOVO, the timing of the introduction of new transport systems in other cities have not been announced yet. published




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