If you had chicken pox, be sure to read it! How to treat shingles.

Everybody knows what the chicken pox. It is a viral infectious diseasethat is tolerated by most people in childhood: Ah, those smeared with green paint the children! One who had chickenpox already will not be ill: relapse happens very rarely, only when a very weakened immune system possible re-infection.

But the insidious virus that causes chickenpox, can cause other ailments — herpes zoster. Bubble rash is an easily recognizable symptom of the disease. Of course, at the first sign of the disease should go to the doctor-infectious diseases specialist or a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis.

Everyone who had chickenpox, can develop shingles! The pain during the facial, the triple, intercostal nerve, vesicular rash, enlarged lymph nodes, intoxication, headache, fever — that creates ringworm with the body. Horrible symptoms! But there are a few true ways to ease the...

How to treat shingles
  1. Reduce stress
    To transfer the disease as soon as possible, need to calm the nerves! It often happens that we get sick because of nervous tension. In the organism everything is connected and many diseases are psychosomatic in nature, especially skin diseases. Beautiful places, peace, meditation, soft music, less communication with the nervous people clear thoughts, enjoyable Hobbies will help to find harmony. The state of the nervous system depends on how easily and quickly will be a nasty disease!

  2. Taking a bath
    Cool bath will help reduce the pain caused by profuse rash. Not too warm and not too cold water will have a positive impact on your condition. Please note: the towel should not be wiped intensively, rather lightly wet the skin, not to injure the skin once again.

  3. Taking a bath with oatmeal
    Bath with oatmeal will save you from itching and irritation! If you add in the bath a Cup of oatmeal, the skin after water treatment will calm down and relent. Do not forget that the treatment of herpes zoster in humans is a complex process. It is useful to drink warm ginger tea after the bath to boost immunity!

  4. A cold compress
    Cold compresses will help reduce discomfort. Dampen a clean towel with cold water and put some concern to you region. Immediately feel better!

  5. Gentle cream
    Sun cream will relieve irritation and reduce the pain that causes a rash. But don't forget after that dry the skin use, which you learn in the next paragraph!

  6. Soda
    After a soothing bath and applying the cream will certainly dry out your skin! You can't let wounds fester. Is dried rashes baking soda — gently powder your it inflamed areas. In addition, soda has a disinfecting and soothing effect!

After herpes zoster will be felt weakness for a long time. You should try not to be nervous: drink soothing teas, to avoid conflict, get plenty of sleep. I should add in the diet more vegetables and fruits as well as onions and garlic increase the protective forces of the organism.

I wish you good health! Share important information with friends, please it may help someone.

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