To know these 15 facts may one day save your life

Each of us is familiar with the essential security rules. However, it so happens that, when faced with unexpected circumstances, we are lost and do not immediately understand what to do.

The website decided to remind its readers a few important rules that will help to avoid any unforeseen situations.

Do not use a cell phone while walking

Consultants on security issues noted that simultaneous walking and phone use need quite a large load of your brain, with which he may not be able to cope. You will be most inconsiderate and blind to what is happening around you, and may not notice the approaching danger, for example, suddenly appeared a car.

Eliminate "blind spots" in your car, correctly adjusting the mirror

Adjust the car mirrors so that you barely saw the edge of his own car. Thus you can effectively eliminate blind spots on the sides. Through the rear view mirror you should always see any vehicle that travels behind you. In order for the mirror adjustment was the most effective, do it directly from the driver's seat.

In cold weather, make the right choice of clothes

Remember that wet skin gives off heat much faster, so it's important to try as much as possible to keep the skin dry. Also to ensure that your body temperature does not fall too fast, wear woolen clothes, which are able to absorb much more moisture. Clothes made of cotton or any other fabrics absorb it very slowly, so in the things of those materials you will freeze much faster.

Do not inflate the life jacket until exiting the aircraft

Experts explain that if you do decide to cheat him, while filling the interior with water the lifejacket will take you up to the ceiling of the cabin and make it more difficult to back away. Better hold your breath and swam out of the plane in the usual way.

Knock out the stuck piece of food from the throat using the Heimlich maneuver

The consultants suggest everyone to remember this trick with which you can help poperhnuvshis person or yourself if you're choking. Just follow this sequence of actions:

  • Clench a fist and press it with your thumb to a little above the navel.
  • Other hand much slide fist up, strongly pressing them to his chest.
  • Repeat these thrusts, until you push out the stuck piece or object.
  • If the above steps do not help, strongly press your abdomen just above the navel to the back of the chair and with strong pressure from repeated movements need through her body of your body.
Always carry anti-Allergy (antihistamine) drugs

You can never predict where you might unexpectedly encounter an allergic reaction from yourself or people around you. Especially such preparations are necessary if you are going on a long trip or camping.

Remember that human body is most often restricted to the "Rule of three"

Many studies have shown that typically, people can live three minutes without air, three hours without a roof over your head in extreme weather conditions, three days without water and three weeks without food.

When ignited vegetable oil on a gas stove, quickly turn off the burner and cover blazing the dishes

Rescuers pay attention to the fact that in any case can not be extinguished with water, burning fat. Water particles in this case will get to the bottom of the burning pan will immediately begin to evaporate and that the flames of the fire flare up even more. Instead, cover anything burning kitchenware — thereby you will cut it off from heat and will block to it oxygen.

Do not remove a knife or other sharp object from a wound

Experts pay attention that in no case do not remove protruding from the wound of a knife or any other sharp object. Remaining in the wound, it stops bleeding, the consequences of which can be much more dangerous. Instead, try to reduce the bleeding from the wound until the arrival of medical worker.

Be especially careful during the three minutes after takeoff and eight minutes before landing

According to the researchers, this is the time it happens 80% of crashes. Be especially vigilant in this period of time and again focus on the algorithm of your actions in an emergency.

In case of fire are as close as possible to the floor or the ground

Experts note that the greatest number of dangerous injuries in a fire caused by inhaling carbon monoxide smoke, not burns. Avoid the poisonous fumes you can, if you get down as close to the floor or ground and will travel this way throughout the fire.

If you became ill in a public place, ask for help only one person

This fact can be explained by known psychological phenomenon — diffusion of responsibility whereby the chance to get help from the crowd of people is much lower than getting it from a specific person.

Always carry a bright flashlight

Experts recommend this simple device as a true weapon from the unexpected attack or harassment. If you noticed a suspicious person who clearly is going to attack you sharply point to his face, a bright beam of light from your flashlight. This trick will knock your pursuer off, and you will be able to avoid the attack.

Remember the basic rules of conduct in case of fire

Very often, the first being in an emergency situation, people freeze up and do nothing. Experts advise first of all to carefully study the location of fire exits in the room where you plan to stay for a long time.

Always carry your identity document, and the required medical information

If you will always have a passport or driving licence, as well as information about your blood group and existing allergic reactions, any person will be able to quickly and effectively assist you in an emergency. In addition recommended to put in the papers a couple of contacts of the closes persons, which people will be able to warn that something happened.

Source Business Insider

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