How to make a lasting impression in 5 minutes of conversation

Often we are in conversation only to support him, and not to make interesting. As a result, the conversation becomes boring and awkward.

The website has prepared for you a few tips on how to avoid this situation and to charm the interlocutor.

The right question will cause a person to tell you a story. The interviewee simply cannot answer it is standard.

Break the mirror Often, when the conversation is difficult, there is such a thing called "mirror". To look polite, we often ask the interlocutor of the standard questions we repeat his own words or just agree with everything he says. Because of this we miss all the joy of a good conversation.

When the "mirror broken", comes the highlight of the dialogue and it ceases to be boring.

Playing the expected response is Another good way to "break" a boring conversation is to avoid the expected answer.

A little non-standard response will not push away from you. But on the contrary, will be attracted to them because you're different. Go into the conversation forward, ask strange questions and give strange answers. Then all the others will be on you just crazy.

Source Christopher Colin "What to Talk About"

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