9 tips from the security services that will help you to learn to see man through and through

The ability to read others can be an effective tool in dealing with people. The counterintelligence agent of the FBI with 23 years of experience Chests qui (Quy Emory harsh) says: "You don't have to be a first-class detective to know what is happening in someone's head. The signals are always there. All you need to know where to find them".

What kind of signs can tell us what he thinks or feels? We in the Website have gathered for you the 9 tips former agent of the Bureau who will help you to learn to see man through and through.

People have different quirks. For example, during the conversation they look at the floor, cross arms on chest, coughed, scratching your head or shaking your leg often.

They behave for different reasons. Identifying basic behaviors will help you understand when these actions — just a matter of habit, and when the characteristic manifestations of deceit, anger or nervousness.

Note the inconsistencies between the basic model of behavior that you have identified, and the words and gestures of the person.

For example, you notice that someone has a habit of repeatedly to clear my throat when he's nervous. Hidden whether this something morethan it seems at first glance?


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