He lives with his parents and rides the bus: how society imposes the standards of men

My friend's mother, while still a schoolgirl, used to say "Man, which even the wheels no? So not even worth to chat, he's a loser." Thus, it was considered perfectly normal that they bought my older daughter a car and an apartment just like that.

Why does society impose such harsh standards on treatment of men who are required not only to provide for themselves, but also a woman?

On the Internet recently discussed an interview with a successful Swedish actress, who said "a Woman up to 25 years did not live alone, without parents and husband, earning herself and trying to figure out what she wants makes a huge mistake".

The emphasis here should be on what not just to "live in a separate apartment" and completely on the money. That is, not "I buy", "Granny leave", "I got pregnant, and then he said, "well, let's get married", and on his salary.

Is it just? Without cronyism, without employment? Many among professional Actresses — popular and wealthy in 20-25 years? Not to mention that even the appearance plays a significant role when applying for a job and someone much more fortunate?

If to speak about our neighbors, relatives, friends of parents — I don't know any woman who would buy an apartment or a car entirely with his own money. The first car I bought all parents. Second, usually a boyfriend or a husband.

Among them, virtually no one that would be a job itself! And Institute they also came to one that was of when my parents, plus some also pay extra. All parked on acquaintance.

Recently overheard a telephone conversation. One girl of 25, he graduated from the Military University of the translator of foreign languages. Now works in a shop in Switzerland. Asked her to get a job in Moscow. From vacancies as interpreter refused. Why? She thought immediately becomes a principal in the firm with a substantial salary. Well, an acquaintance!

In all cities of Russia, and even more of the world, different prices for housing and cars, as different traffic. So if, for example, in Ufa to drive and Park without any problems, then in Moscow, the movement is much different. Some drivers come from other cities, and, cursing, leave the car, preferring public transport.

In the small towns of America, broken and old beater-car, you buy the boy-student parents, can cost as little as $ 200. Given that the us salaries are significantly different from Russian. And we school children do not drive, and in any film or series like "Saga", you will see 14-15 year old kids, free steering on their cars.

Often this occurs out of necessity, because in these towns and metro shuttles just yet. Any working person can take the home mortgage or rent a house, because they move out from their parents at age 18.

Once I'm on the Arbat met a tourist from Louisiana who came for a week. He told me that his job is to wash dirty trays from under the fish! However, he earned money enough is not something that is on the car, they had two, and even for travel remain.

"Living alone" in the overwhelming majority get an apartment from my grandmother, or deceased parents. Often dead flat. Years of praying and waiting for poor old people to die and leave them the apartment. And sometimes the same dead flat shoot, just from someone else's grandmother.

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Still have taken out a mortgage, which for decades her pay, getting into bondage and indulging in everything. This is much better and worthy, but also not the honey and does not cause envy. There are still people who are "mum and dad bought" or "lover gave the Crimson sails". They usually yell the loudest that "the terms of some Fuckers and rogue".

I do not consider those who have at any age, even 40 or 50 years, have their own separate housing and the machine — default better than those who do not. Because first you need to understand how these features appeared. published



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