3 Vice that destroys families

A few years ago I realized that building a good family starts not in the first night, but much earlier — in childhood and occurs throughout life.

1. First and foremost, you need to want to have healthy and harmonious family, but internally to be not tied to it, ready to accept any development.

2. Having a strong personal energy - it depends on how the person is not selfish, because being selfish will never be able to build a normal healthy family. In the family we need to give, to take care of the partner, the children.

3. You need to respect your parents, serve them and care for them. For if there is no blessing from them, even unconsciously, a lot of that is closed primarily male or () female Divine aspect.


4.Need not afraid to seem "outsider", to be able to abandon alcohol and cigarettes. There is nothing useful, although modern advertising and those who can't control their feelings, and try to convince us otherwise. Even a small amount of this destructive stuff (a few SIPS of alcohol, a few puffs) violates the genetic code and can be the cause of infertility, the birth of a disabled child, and just may distort life: because of an accident, committing a stupid act, etc.

Have you ever heard that people got sick or died due to the fact that he was not drinking alcohol and not Smoking? And due to the lack of alcohol or tobacco the children were sick, or broke someone's family? Or maybe you can imagine a real lady on the social event moves around the corner to smoke or drink beer?

For many, even themselves these questions sound ridiculous, but stubbornly continues to hammer into our subconscious idea about the benefits of alcohol and cigarettes. To poison your body and mind with alcohol and nicotine — the inheritance of the plebeians, or those who soon will be.

Remember that every SIP of alcohol, including beer, destroy your happy life, brings misery to you and your family, and the temporary material prosperity (and terrible karma) to those who all this produces, sells and advertises. If you absolutely can't do without alcohol, drink red wine now — no more Cup and no more than once per month.

5. Should learn to be respectful to all people, moreover, to all living beings, seeing them as particles of God, unified whole. If you see that person with great respect for his beloved (favorite), gentle with them, but suddenly begins to shout, to show aggression and disrespect for other people, so he really doesn't know how to love, and subsequently, will also apply to those who would be so polite and considerate before, especially when things get rough. In the Bhagavad Gita it is stated that lust, anger and greed are three of Vice, quickly leading to hell, at the same time destroying the family and human relationships.

6. If you are a man — be a man: develop responsibility, determination, courage, seriously work on his spiritual life (regular prayer, fasting, reading the Scriptures, the saints and the just spiritual literature), learn to tolerate and perform austerities, make happy at least one woman — first, giving her and their children, a sense of security. A woman should develop their feminine nature: intuition, loyalty, inner peace, sense of beauty, ability and desire to take care of his wife or children, the beauty both inside and out, and most importantly — the ability to create around themselves a space of love.


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7. The absence of external fear of loneliness. That reminds me: according to research by British scientists, modern women have, on average, three times more sexual encounters than women thirty (if not mistaken) years ago, but the happiness and health they have also, at least in 3 times less. And that children, especially healthy, almost ceased to be born — is and without research shows.published


Author: Rami Blekt


Source: www.bleckt.com/publication/blog/1771.html


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