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Interactive floor is unusual, modern design for the interiors, allowing you to create effective advertising and branding. With the floor, the opportunity to realize a lot of incredible ideas. For example, if you put interactive floor fish restaurant, the visitor, entering the room, you'll see under the feet of the shimmering water in which goldfish swim. Enough to do a few steps to consider on the whole realistic water ripples, hear the noise of his steps, from which floats the fish. The dance floor is another innovative idea of sex, which varies according to the movements of the dancer. You can configure any desired effect using their logos, audio and video files, backgrounds, and other settings. Using the settings in the dialog box will make it easy.

According to developers, the interactive floor allows you to create huge amounts of unique effects. With the new control system can be monitored advertising company, to establish the effects, generate reports and send e-mails to the customer the company advertising the product.

The developers are confident that an interactive floor can be effective anywhere it can attract the attention of visitors: shopping centers, clubs, bars, amusement parks, hotels, theaters, subway stations, casinos. It is not excluded that someone decide to install an interactive floor and at home. So, if You are creating a business on the interactive floor, you can find a lot of customers for their services.

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