Warm is On, or "smart pebbles" for water heating

Lovers to lie back and relax in the bathtub to relax at the end of the day, and maybe even read the book, probably immediately want to get this device, and immediately. Because it will not only help them to enjoy the warm water regardless of how long it will take ablution. A concept called the Warm On will give you the opportunity to save on payment and in particular water bills.

Device Warm On it's gadgets made in the form of large sea pebbles — pebbles, which are covered with Crimean beaches. Agree, that is incredibly nice to walk on a warm summer evening on a heated stone walkway, and if you omit the hot sun pebbles in the kiddie pool, he in a few minutes to heat dialed it up with water. This technology has been adopted by Korean designers under the direction Sunmi Hwang. Their "smart pebble" is also able to heat water without letting it cool down.

Conceptual "pebbles" Warm On equipped with sensors. Dropping them into hot water, they are able to identify and "remember" its temperature. When the water begins to cool, the sensors are activated and turn on the heating system. The water in the bath or any other container passes through an electronic "shingle" and thus heated to the source temperature, which "remember" the sensors. And so long as you need. Don't have to turn on the faucet with hot water to keep warm, and that means you have to pay for water consumption will be much less.

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