Multi-colored mosaic of colors.

The colorful mazes of the photographs by the Swiss artist Fabian of Oefner (Fabian Oefner) is not a Petri dish under a microscope, and not pictures of viruses and other microorganisms, as it may seem initially. It's surreal paintings, which are obtained when you mix watercolor paint with magnetic liquid. The game with colorful paint is one of the favorite destinations in the works of this talented young artist.

Diluting the paint with water, dripping with gouache, watercolor or colored ink into a container filled with a transparent liquid, we get amazing pictures, like the colored explosions, or abstract sculpture, and even the shapes and forms of the famous Rorschach test. The work of Fabian of Oefner much more complex and interesting. He also adds in the water, watercolour paint, but then to enter into this substance ferrofluid, magnetic fluid and utilizes the magnet. And then in the water randomly generated channels, as a labyrinth, which flows diluted watercolor bright colors.

Not only an artist but a photographer, Fabian, Oefner makes macrophotography amazing color mazes that result from his experiments. These pictures, collected together into one vast series of creative works, the artist and called art project Millefiori.

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