Burberry surprised. Part 2: jacket for travel

The life of business man makes to his wardrobe certain requirements. The main one is style, versatility, and mobility. The "that" in conditions of frequent travel and incidental meetings with important people. As for style, Burberry never had complaints. Now the British and worked on mobility. Jacket for travel Packaway Blazer – direct proof.

The really nice innovations Burberry pleases not often. For such a famous and expensive brand "versatility" — is not the key concept. But there is nothing in the world is constant. That Burberry in any way a century decided to take care of the "simple" person. So he devised a blazer that will allow you to feel comfortable in any conditions associated with the move. Because this jacket does not need Ironing.

Jacket Packaway Blazer is made of nylon so that no folds are not afraid of him. But, best of all, crease-resistant texture allows you to tightly fold the thing (even if you are slightly careful in such a case) and pack it in a small bag with a zipper, which is convenient to take with you. Fast, simple, compact.

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