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Graffiti today has become a real art. And his fans are absolutely not interested, do you share their views, the residents of numerous cities across the country. They are hard to deal their sometimes ugly drawings on the walls of houses, various buildings and even historical monuments.

It definitely spoils the outer aesthetic perception of the beauty of the cities of our country. And the business idea opening a company, offering their services for cleaning the walls is a promising and profitable endeavor. To start, you need to collect all the documents required for business organization. Be sure to register emergency.

So, in our country, graffitis can be removed in two ways. Some use pressure washers, sandblasting equipment. But recently, there's this idea of clearing graffiti from any surfaces with a jet of air under high pressure.

To organize such a business will need at least 50 thousand hryvnias. But it will pay for itself fairly quickly, especially if your city has a problem with graffiti on the face.

Your services are absolutely interested in the people who privately own real estate. In addition, the administration of any city would not be willing to pay you for your services and raise your weight in the eyes of the townspeople. A lot of graffiti applied to the walls of industrial enterprises. You can work with them in the winter and spring to start cleaning monuments before the summer season. The good news is that this field is almost no competition. No sooner had the people to understand that cleaning of walls from graffiti can really make a profit.

To advertise their services with the help of the media. In addition, you need to address with the offer on cooperation in municipal administration themselves. Maybe your offer will interest.

Most likely, in the future, the amount of work for your company will only grow. After all, those who like to draw on walls with cans of spray paint will never disappear. Especially when you consider that graffiti is now fashionable. So, if you want to have a stable income and clean up your city, make it beautiful, then this business idea, just for you.

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