"Take Time": grandfather clock in a new way

Oh this new generation. Forget (or rather, "score") not only the values of the "fathers", but many household habits, yesterday seemed so important. For example, how many teenagers now use a wrist watch? If you watch students will understand: no. Because, oddly enough, much easier (and more familiar) view on the smartphone display. But once the watch was a real treasure: they are carefully carried in his pocket, and handed down from father to son. Young French designer remembered this "grandfather" custom and decided to move it to our days, in order to create an accessory that is attractive for young people. Paradoxically, and there were "Take Time".

To turn an old-fashioned pocket watch in an interesting piece for the "Instagram generation" (as he puts it) volunteered Frenchman Mathieu Lienor (Mathieu Lehanneur). Watch "Take Time" is extremely simple, stylish and with your "highlight" and young buyers.

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